First Semester Student Change of Major

First-Semester Freshmen

During orientation, an advisor will work with you to plan your first semester. You may discuss changing your major out of the College of Engineering or switching your major to a different department within the College of Engineering. Advising helps you clarify your decision.

First-Semester Transfer Students

Transfer students will receive information during orientation. Otherwise, you will likely have to follow the 60 units and above change of major process.

Note: Departments usually want to see how new students do their first semester to determine eligibility and often recommend courses to register for in their first semester. We recommend you talk to the department's major advisor about suggested courses. Otherwise, you can use the course planning resources to help you choose classes.

Remember that acceptance into another major after transferring is not guaranteed and may delay graduation. For example, upper division major courses require you to be in the major for which the course is intended. It is highly recommended that you talk to the department for course recommendations as soon as possible.