Course Planning Resources

GE worksheets  decorative image of GE worksheet

Students in the College of Engineering have exceptions to the traditional General Education requirements. These exceptions help students complete their degree in four years.


sample catalog page

"The San José State University’s catalog is the official source for Mission and Institutional Learning GoalsPolicies and ProceduresMajors and Programs, and Course Descriptions. Students are encouraged to utilize the catalog in planning their path to graduation." - Catalog Homepage


Flowchexample flowchartarts

A prerequisite sequence map for major courses. Courses in pink or red are considered critical because they allow students to take a significant number of higher-level major classes. 


MyProgressdecorative image of Myprogress

 A "real-time" checklist of courses students have competed. Students must have official transcripts processed and posted in their Transfer Credit History for MyProgress to be updated.


MyPlannerdecorative image of myplanner

This tool pulls information from MyProgress so that courses that have not been completed can be arranged for planning purposes. Making changes to MyPlanner does not add classes to your shopping cart automatically. 


sample roadmap

A Sample 4-year plan built by departments. Use this in conjunction with other planning tools to create your own graduation path.



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