For New Spartans

Celebrating Students at SJSU

Welcome Fall 2020 New Students!

Congratulations on deciding to attend the Charles W Davidson College of Engineering at San Jose State this fall! We are excited to welcome you to our Spartan Family, and we are looking forward to summer orientations and beyond. We’ll be sending you more specific pre-orientation messaging closer to your orientation date. In the meantime, here are some opportunities and summer events exclusive to SJSU College of Engineering students that you might look forward to. If you redeemed your welcome gift, look for it in the mail in August!


Details about registration and orientation will help you prepare for your first semester at SJSU.

Transfer Students

Transfer students register as early as June 15th! Learn more about orientation day.

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New Student Opportunities

MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

The MESA chapter at San Jose State University admits students pursuing degrees in Engineering or Computer Science, who come from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with the mission of producing high caliber, industry-ready graduates through mentorship and career development opportunities.

Apply to MEP

EXCEED for incoming frosh

Excellence in your Engineering Education is a virtual two-week summer program for incoming freshmen, a bridge to college for graduating high school seniors who have taken precalculus or calculus but will not have taken the AP Calculus test.

EXCEED for incoming transfers

Excellence in your Engineering Education is a virtual two-week summer program for incoming transfer students who would like a mini-review of advanced math (such as multivariate calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra), and a preview of various engineering fields.

College-Wide Summer Events

Department Summer Events