College of Engineering Policy on Probation

Engineering Major Probation Full Policy

Students with Major GPAs below 2.0 or who have not made significant progress towards major completion will be placed on Major Probation. Major GPA is the average of classes specific to a major ( ex. EE98, CMPE 30) and any preparation classes (including math classes, physics, etc). Students are also placed on Major Probation at the discretion of their major department. You will be alerted to this status via communication from the Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC) at the beginning of the semester. An Engineering Major Probation Hold will be placed on your account and can be removed only by completing the steps outlined below.

Engineering Major Probation is different from University Academic Probation. For more details on University Academic Probation, please read the University Academic Probation policy below.

To change your major out of the College of Engineering: 

  1. Get an updated study plan from an advisor in the new major or its success center.
  2. Email the new study plan to (only for Engineering hold removal).
  3. Complete your change-of-major with your new department.

To remove the Major Probation hold placed on your account, you must complete the following steps BEFORE the deadline indicated in the communication.

  1. Complete the Spartan Refresh: Updating Your Academic Toolkit online Canvas course and pass the Major Probation Policy Quiz with a minimum grade of 5/7.
  2. Complete your choice of ONE of the following activities:
    1. Attend an ESSC Workshop and submit a brief summary of what you learned to the Spartan Refresh: Updating Your Academic Toolkit Canvas course
    2. Meet with an ESSC Probation Advisor (Sarah Gordon, Alerie Flandez, or Shelbie Taylor)**
    3. Complete ONE of the OPTIONAL Spartan Refresh: Updating Your Academic Toolkit modules after completing the REQUIRED modules.
    4. Meet with an ESSC Peer Advisor
    5. Attend a session of on-campus tutoring. 
**Students with a 1.5 or lower major GPA must meet with an ESSC Advisor as the requirement. This is to provide additional support for students who may need more one-on-one academic guidance.

Students who have completed the above requirements will have their Engineering Major Probation Hold lifted from their account. At the end of the semester, if you have raised your Major GPA above 2.0 or met your major department’s requirements, you will no longer be on Engineering Major Probation. If you have not raised your Major GPA to a 2.0 or above or if your performance has not improved, your major department will review your status and you may be subject to disqualification (DQ) from the major. If this occurs, you will still be an SJSU student, but will then have Undeclared status. You may re-apply to an Engineering major, but readmittance is not guaranteed. ESSC Advisors can help you with the application process. If you are not disqualified from your major, you will be placed on Major Probation for another semester.

University Probation

The University Probation Policy is as follows and more information can be found in the Catalog: 

Probation - Academic

An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation if the SJSU cumulative grade point average falls below a “C” average (2.0). Students will remain on academic probation until they return to good academic standing (SJSU cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 2.0) or are disqualified. All work taken through Open University is included in the cumulative record and is considered in the determination of probation and disqualification.
Unless otherwise noted, post-baccalaureate (second baccalaureate) students follow the same policies and procedures as upper division undergraduates.