Biography: Chronology

1779 March 15 William Lamb born.
1781 Caroline's brother John William Ponsonby (later Lord Duncannon) born.
1783 July 6 Caroline's brother Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby born.
1785 August 16 Caroline Rosalie St. Jules (later “Caro George”) born.
August 29 Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish (“Harryo”) born.
November 13 Caroline Ponsonby (later Lady Caroline Lamb) born.
1787 Caroline's brother William (“Willy”) Francis Spencer Ponsonby (her favorite) born.
1788 January 22 George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron born.
1790 William Spencer Cavendish, Marquis of Hartington (“Hart,” later the 6th Duke of Devonshire) born.
1791 November Caroline leaves for Europe with her mother and aunt Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, who has been banished by the Duke (“Canis”) for becoming pregnant by her lover, Earl Grey.
1793 January Louis XVI of France guillotined.
March 11 Lord Bessborough dies, making her father the 3rd Earl Bessborough and Caroline officially “Lady Caroline.”
May Caroline's Aunt Georgiana and Lady Elizabeth Foster are permitted by the Duke of Devonshire to return to England, but her mother, Harriet, is too ill to travel.
October Marie Antoinette guillotined.
1793-1794 Caroline suffers a life-threatening illness in Italy, and her mother, Harriet, falls in love with Granville Leveson Gower.
1794 August Caroline's mother is well enough to travel home to England.
1799 William Lamb takes his degree at Cambridge and goes to Glasgow to study.
1802 March The ill-fated Treaty of Amiens signed, negotiated by Pitt the Younger.
August Caroline and William Lamb meet and are infatuated.
1803 May 18 Britain declares war on France.
1805 June 3 Caroline and William Lamb are married.
1806 February 1 Caroline delivers a girl, who dies shortly after.
William elected Member of Parliament for Leominster.
  March 30 Caroline's Aunt Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, dies.
  November William opens Parliament and Caroline sneaks in dressed as a man to watch proudly.
1807 August 29 Caroline's son Augustus born.
1809 October 19 Lady Elizabeth Foster marries 5th Duke of Devonshire (Canis).
  May 17 George Lamb marries Caroline Rosalie Adelaide St. Jules.
December 24

Granville marries “Harryo” (Lady Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish).

1810 March/April Caroline begins an affair with Sir Godfrey Vassal Webster, son of Lady Holland by her first marriage.
1811 February 5 Regency bill becomes law, and “Prinny” (the Prince of Wales) assumes the royal duties because George II is incapacitated by porphyria.
July Caroline's affair with Webster ends.
July 29 Frederick Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire, dies, making “Hart” the 6th Duke.
1812 March 10 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage officially published.
  March 25 Byron attends a waltzing party at Lady Caroline Lamb's. Their affair begins.
August 12 Caroline runs away and Byron manages to bring her home.
September Caroline is taken to Ireland by her family.
November Byron delivers the blow:  Caroline is no longer his lover.
1813 January Caroline forges Byron's handwriting to obtain a painting from John Murray.
July 5 Caroline cuts herself in a chaotic scene at Lady Heathcote's ball.
  August 10 Austria declares war on France.
1814 Caroline's brother Willy marries Lady Barbara Ashley Cooper.
March 18 Caroline's grandmother Lady Spencer dies.
March 28 Byron moves into the Albany.
Spring Caroline meets Isaac Nathan, who arranges music in honor of her brother Willy's engagement.
May 4 Napoleon exiled; arrives on Elba.
July 1 Caroline attends a masked ball at Burlington House held by Watier's Club to Honor the Duke of Wellington's victory over Napoleon.
1815 January 2 Byron is married at Seaham to Annabella Milbanke
March 20 Napoleon returns to power in France.
March 28 The Byrons settle at 13 Piccadilly Terrace (house of the Duchess of Devonshire).
April Nathan and Byron's Hebrew Melodies volume 1 published.
June 18 Napoleon defeated at Waterloo.
August 11 Viscount Melbourne created Lord Melbourne in the peerage of the UK.
August 12 Granville Leveson-Gower created Viscount Granville.
William and Caroline visit Brussels and Paris.
October 16 Napoleon exiled to Saint Helena.
1816 April 18 Nathan and Byron's Hebrew Melodies volume 2 published.
April 21 Byron signs deed of separation from his wife.
April 24 Byron leaves London for the Continent.
May 9 Lady Caroline's first novel, Glenarvon, published by Henry Colburn.
July 7 Richard Brinsley Sheridan dies; afterward, William is elected Member of Parliament for Northampton.
November 18 Canto III of Byron's Childe Harold published in London.
1817 July 14 Madame de Staël dies.
1818 March Susan Spencer Churchill born to Harriet Caroline Spencer; the illegitimate child becomes Lady Bessborough's ward.
April 6 Lady Melbourne dies.
Spring Emily Cowper (William's sister) fights to get Lady Caroline admitted to Almack's Club.
1819 February/March Lady Caroline canvasses for William's brother George Lamb's election, in which he defeats John Cam Hobhouse.
July 15 Byron's Don Juan Cantos 1 and 2 published.
October Lady Caroline's A New Canto (satire of Don Juan) published. 
1820 January 29 George III dies.
February 16 George III buried.
April 27 George IV opens Parliament.
Summer Lady Caroline appears at Almack's dressed as Don Juan with attendant devils.
August Queen Caroline's trial for adultery with her courier, Bartolommeo Bergami, begins and will last through November. She is acquitted.
1821 July 19 George IV's coronation at Westminster Abbey.
August 7 Queen Caroline (George IV's estranged wife) dies.
August 8 Byron's Don Juan Cantos 3-5 published.
Fall Caroline's Gordon: A Tale (another satire of Don Juan) published.
November 5 The infant son of Lady Caroline's brother William and Lady Barbara dies in Parma.
November 11 Lady Bessborough dies in Florence.
1822 January 28 Annabella's mother dies (Lady Noel) and Lord and Lady Byron assume the additional name of Noel.
April 19 Byron's daughter Allegra dies.
Fall Caroline's Graham Hamilton published by Henry Colburn.
1823 March Caroline's Ada Reis published by John Murray.
1824 March 30 Lady Elizabeth Foster, Duchess of Devonshire, dies.
April 19 Lord Byron dies in Greece, the victim of doctors who dehydrate him through bleeding.
May 17 Byron's memoirs are burned at John Murray's offices in Albermarle Street, and it is disclosed that Murray let Caroline read them.
June 29 The Florida arrives in England with Byron's remains.
July 12 Byron's funeral cortege leaves London and passes through Welwyn, Hertfordshire, where Caroline encounters it.
July 16 Byron's funeral.
October 23 Medwin's Conversations of Lord Byron published and Caroline reads his vitriolic “Remember Thee” for the first time.
1825 Summer William finally succumbs to family pressure to separate from Caroline, who signs separation agreement, meets Wilmington Fleming, and departs for Paris.
October Lady Caroline back in London; Doctor Goddard makes diagnosis of insanity.
1826 January Lady Caroline returns to Brocket.
1827 April William appointed Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant for Ireland, takes Augustus with him.
September Caroline becomes severely ill with “dropsy.”
1828 January 15 William notified Caroline likely to die.
January 25 Lady Caroline dies, William having arrived just in time to speak with her.
July 22 William's father finally dies at age 83, and William becomes Lord Melbourne.
1836 Caroline and William's son, Augustus, dies.
1837 George IV dies.
  Lord Cowper dies, leaving William's sister Emily free to marry Lord Palmerston, future Prime Minister.
1838 Victoria crowned Queen.
1848 William Lamb dies.
1853 Frederick Lamb dies.
1858 Hart, the 6th Duke of Devonshire, dies.
1860 Lady Byron dies.
1862 Caroline St. Jules Lamb (“Caro George”) dies.
Harryo dies.
1864 Isaac Nathan dies in Sydney, Australia.
1869 Emily Palmerston (formerly Lamb, then Cowper) dies.