2009 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference

November 16-19, 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal


Dear Colleague,

As a participant in the 2007 International AI Conference in Orlando, FL, we wanted to extend a special invitation to you to join us for the upcoming 2009 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, which will be held November 16-19, 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Register before September 1 to receive our special EARLY BIRD discount (http://www.2009worldaiconference.org/register)!

While we hope that many of you can join us in person in Nepal, we also wanted to remind you that in addition to the in-person conference in Kathmandu, an ONLINE Conference will also encircle the globe with hundreds of individuals participating virtually.  As such, you have an opportunity to participate in multiple ways – either in person in Nepal, online, or both!   Learn more about the conference at: http://www.2009worldaiconference.org

The conference agenda is shaping up in exciting ways, including opportunities to engage in ‘hands-on’ AI sessions to design a Global AI University and help support the continuing peace process in Nepal, as well 50 interactive workshops showcasing the cutting edge, strength-based work being done around the globe, and keynotes from renowned pioneers such as: David Cooperrider, pioneering thought leader and co-founder of AI; Marty Seligman, founder of the Positive Psychology movement; Bliss Browne, founder of Imagine Chicago and pioneer of the global 'Imagine" movement; Jane Watkins, co-author of the world's best selling AI book; Marcia Odell, Director of the world's largest AI-based women's empowerment initiative; Jim Hartzfeld, a global leader of sustainable development, Manish Thapa,  founder of the Nepal Peace Initiative Alliance, and others.

Together with our workshop leaders and keynote speakers, we hope to explore the many innovative applications of Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based approaches for change and development that are currently being used to address the developmental challenges of 21st century. Specifically, we will explore questions such as:

• How can Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based approaches support the present day developmental challenges of the world?

• How can AI and other strength-based approaches contribute to bringing social justice, addressing equality and reducing gaps between rich and poor?

• How can we leverage the lessons about the transformative power of AI that have already been experienced in businesses and organizations to address the pressing environmental needs of our planet?

• How can we link the power of AI and other strength-based approaches to the most pressing issues of a global change agenda-from improving health and education to creating sustainable communities and deeper personal development?

As David Cooperrider, the honorary chair of the conference, comments: “Why Nepal? This small but extraordinary country represents a region where Appreciative Inquiry has taken root in dozens of nationwide programs, empowering its citizens--including tens of thousands of women from over 50 ethnicities. I cannot imagine a more appropriate or inspiring setting for us to come together as a community of practitioners and scholars to learn from each other and advance the field of strength-based work together. With this setting serving as our inspiration, we will explore the cutting edge work being done around the world in Appreciative Inquiry and other strength- based methodologies that we can take the positive revolution for change to the next level together! I hope to see you there!” 

Another great advantage of our Nepal venue is the remarkably low cost – and great adventures involved. International airfares are still quite reasonable; the registration fee is purposely modest, hotel options in Kathmandu include real bargains—and pre- and post-conference tourism and adventure travel options can make it a ‘trip of a lifetime’ – all at affordable rates.  In fact, together this can make it less expensive than attending a typical international conference—with adventure travel options available that cost less than many Stateside or European holidays. 

For more information on the overall conference agenda and exciting opportunities for co-sponsorship, please visit the conference website at: http://www.2009worldaiconference.org/ or contact: info@2009worldAIconference.org

Best regards,

The Conference Organizing Committee