Epi Info 200x

Epi Info 200x was introduced in late 1999 to replace the aging DOS version of Epi Info. This represents a complete re-write of the program, having been written in VisualBasic(R) as a replacement to the previous Pascal based system. The program and documentation can be downloaded from www.cdc.gov/epiinfo.

Epi Info 200x uses two programs for data entry. These are MakeView and Enter. Briefly, you use the MakeView to define variables and the data entry screen(s). Enter is used for data entry, of course. The native file format is Microsoft Data Base (MDB).

Analysis program is used to manage, print, and analyze data.. It has a (1) command choice window (left-hand aspect of screen), output window (top), and (3) command log window (bottom). Operations are performed by clicking on the commands in the command window. This brings up a dialogue boxes which help construct command which apear in the command log window. Sessions are begun by using READ command to open a file. If the data set is not too large, use LIST to confirm the data file has been opened. You should use the ROUTEOUT command to direct output to a file. The basic data analysis commands are MEANS (for continuous variables) and FREQ (for categorical variables).

Please see http://www.epiinformatics.com/IntroToEpi2002.htm for a guided tour of Epi Info 200x.