Epidemiology Kept Simply: Introduction to Traditional and Modern Epidemiology (3rd Edition)

Oxford: John Wiley & Sons, 2013.

By B. Burt Gerstman


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Transition Table � changes made in revising the second edition to this third edition

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Labs & Case Studies


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Additional Exercises

Additional Links

1: Epidemiology past and present


Lab:_The_epidemiologic_tradition (article: Terris 1979) [Epi tradition key]



2: Causal concepts 


Lab: Causal Concepts (Info about diseases: Salmonella, asthma, Gonorrhea, heart disease, HIV)



Richard Doll video

3: Epidemiologic measures


Lab: HIV trends in Zimbabwe (article: Gregson 2006; online supplement) [Zimbabwe key]

Lab: Relating risk factors to health, simplified [Relating risk factors key]

Lab: HPV & CIN (article: Koutsky 1992) [HPV/CIN key]

Lab: Rate adjustment [Rate adjustment lab key]

New Exercises Chapter 3

New Exercises Ch 3 Key
[password protected]

Formula Sheets

4: Descriptive epidemiology


Lab:_War_on_cancer (articles: Bailar 1997 ; Kramer 1997; Letters) [War key]

Lab:_Multiple_sclerosis (article: Bronnum-Hansen 1994) [Multiple Sclerosis key]



5: Introduction to study design


Analytic study designs [Analytic designs key]



6: Experimental studies


Lab:_CABG_v_PCI (article: Hlatky 2009) [CABG/PCI key]

Lab: Drinking water intervention (article: Colford 2005) [Drinking water key]



7: Observational cohort studies


Lab: Anger_prone personality and CHD (article: Williams 2001) [Anger prone key]

New Exercises Chapter 7.pdf


8: Case-control studies


Lab:_Lung Cancer in Nonsmoking Women (article: Fontham 1991)

Lab:_CIN & HPB: Interpretation (articles: NCI Fact Sheet; Schiffman 1993
Lab:_The patch & thromboembolism (article: Cole2007.pdf)

New Exercises Chapter 8.pdf

Additional case-control formulas

ORTHO EVRA causal inference

9:  Error in epi research


Sources of Error (V. Schoenbach)

UNC Lab on Confounding (V. Schoenbach)


Vic's Chapter on Sources of Error

10: Screening for Disease


Lab:_Agreement between two TB screening tests [TB screening key] [TB screening rubric]

Lab: Screening for antibodies to HIV

New Exercises for Chapter 10.pdf


11: Infectious Disease Process 


Bioterrorism related Anthrax [Anthrax key]



12: Outbreak investigation


Rhyndale GIitis Outbreak
Mecca GIitis Outbreak [Mecca key]
Texarkana Measles Outbreak [Texarkana instructor notes]



13: Confidence Intervals & P Values





14 Mantel-Haenszel methods





15 Statistical interaction





16: Case definitions and disease classification





17 Survival analysis





18 Current life tables





19 Random distribution of cases





Appendix 4


Case study�cigarette smoking and lung cancer  [Instructor notes] [Grading rubric]



Appendix 5


Case study�tampons and toxic shock  [Instructor notes]



o    WinPepi (Great tool with excellent documentation; runs on Windows computers; must be downloaded and installed)