HS 267: Computational Public Health Statistics 
Dept of Health Science, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, San Jose State University

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Heroes of Statistical Science (from left to right): Bernoulli, Farr, Fisher, Hill, Tukey


"The main point is gained if the student is put in a position not to be paralysed by the mere mention of such things but ... feels that they are inherently rational and manageable and that if he encounters them he will be in a position to find out , at need, what to do with them."  - RA Fisher (Box, 1978, p. 405)

"Teaching mathematical statistics in this way not only produced answers that were often irrelevant or misleading when applied to real situations but also led students to think not of the reality but of the mathematics as holding the key to statistical understanding. .... Many of them seem to have no experience of the valuable process known as "stopping to think." - RA Fisher  (Box, 1978, p. 436)