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The Acquisition of Greenland
or Some Part Thereof
by the United States

The acquisition of some part Greenland by the United States for strategic purposes is a brilliant idea but may not be politically feasible. The 56 thousand or so inhabitants of Greenland are not a difficult problem. Each one of them could be offered several hundred thousand dollars for their compliance. The amount could be enough for any of them to live anywhere in the world that they want.

The problem is the political elements of Denmark. Greenland is a self governing province of the Kingdom of Denmark. The reality is that Denmark, a nation of about 5.75 million people, cannot possibly defend its possession of Greenland.

In an election in Denmark some years ago one candidate asserted that he would replace the military of Denmark with a single telephone with a recording in Russian saying "We surrender."

Denmark has retained that possession of Greenland only because it has the support of the United States. If the United States were not here or weak the Communist leadership of the Soviet Union would have long ago walked into control of Greenland. The Soviet Union is now gone but the Russian Federation is territorially aggressive. The Norwegian island of Svalbard is dominated by a Russian coal mining operation.

In the case of hostilities between the U.S. and Russia, Russia would immediately establish bases in Greenland. With the long coastline of Greenland it would be impossible without prior military installations for the U.S. to prevent the establishment of enemy military bases in Greenland.

During WWII Germany had meteorologists in Greenland to provide advanced information for European weather.

China has recently sought a base in Greenland to support trade relations between China and Europe by way of the trade route north of Asia.

For strategic security reasons it would make sense for both Denmark and U.S. for the U.S. to acqire the northern ‌half of Greenland. Denmark has permitted the U.S. to establish an advanced warning base, Camp Thule, at the western edge of Greenland, midway between the northern and southern edges.

Ultima Thule Is the term the Romans used for the limit of travel to the far North. Properly pronounced it is Toolee.

The dividing line between Ultima Thule and Danish Greenland should be just south of Camp Thule. The dividing line is shown as irregular to indicate that that there iis no necessity for it to be a straight line. The Danish section would include almost all of the population centers and the areas that are green in the summertime, which gave rise to the name Greenland.

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