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Thayer Watkins
Silicon Valley
& Tornado Alley

The Timeline of the Life
of Marcus Antonius
(Mark Antony)

In the days of Julius Caesar, it was Marcus Antonius who was the second most powerful figure in Roman politics. He was a subordinate to Caesar in the command of his armies and he was an influential figure in Roman politics. By all rational expectations Antonius was the logical figure to succeed Caesar in power. As it turned out that was not to be. Caesar did not choose Antonius to be his heir, apparently knowing Antonius' flaws. Instead Caesar chose his great nephew, Octavian, a teenage student. Against all odds, 18 year old Octavian not only survived the power struggle with the politically and militarily experienced Antonius, who was in his forties, but defeated Antonius and went on to reorganize and rule the Roman empire for forty years. It reveals the astuteness of Julius Caesar's intellect that he chose Octavian to be his successor rather than Antonius.


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