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Major topics in astronomy

  • Google searches on on major topics in astronomy: A click on a topic in astronomy brings up the Google search ranking and the rank of my webpage can be seen. They are listed more or less in the order in which my webpages on them were created.

  • Astronomy
    explanation cyclone jupiter pole, cyclone jupiter+pole, birth of modern cosmology, history black holes astronomy, explanation retrograde Venus, Titius Bode extrasolar planets, Titius-Bode Rule, Explanation Bode's Law , Bode rules for planetary satellite systems, derivation of Bode law for planets, tangential velocity profile of galaxies, Lagrangian points of a planetary orbit, Laplace relation in satellite systems, direction of rotation of the planets, resonance phenomena solar system, planets acquisition of rotation, centers of mass in solar system, explanation periods rotation planets , existence of dark matter in galaxies, Bode satellites Jupiter Saturn, cost benfit analysis near Earth objects,

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