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Bibliography of Recent Articles on
Privatization in Canada
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Nova Scotia gets out ot energy business with sale of firm to Pengraowth-led Group The Oil DailyFeb. 7, 2001 (Vol 51)(1)
Clash in Canada: Privatization legislation and NAFTA open healthcare markets to protests. Lisa PriestModern HealthcareNov. 13, 2000 (Vol 30)36(3)
The industrial relations implications of privatization. Jerry P. White,
Russell Janzen
Winter 2000 (Vol 55)36(13)
the privates' progress: The role of business in health care is growing. Tom FennellMaclean'sDec. 2, 1996 (Vol 109)54(2)
Navigating the routes to privatization. Dawn Dobni,
Brooke Dobni,
Marvin Painter
Business QuarterlySpring 1996 (Vol 60)46(6)
Privatization in Canada is moving full steam ahead. Traffic ManagementFeb. 1996 (Vol 35)22(1)
Political stalemate: The Pearson inquiry slings mud on both sides. E. Kaye FultonMaclean'sOct. 9, 1995 (Vol 108)29(1)
Petro-Canada's privatization. The Oil and Gas JournalSept. 18, 1995 (Vol 93)25(1)
Canada is selling more of its interest in Petro-Canada. The Oil and Gas JournalSept. 11, 1995 (Vol 93)2(1)
Canada to sell $1.3 billion in Petro-Canada this month. The Oil DailySept. 8, 1995 (Vol 45)1(2)
All aboard: Privatisation in Canada The EconomistSept. 2, 1995 (Vol 336)58(2)
Rummage sales. Deidre McMurdyMaclean'sJuly 24, 1995 (Vol 108)32(1)
Selling CN and Petrocan. Tom FennellMaclean'sMay 15, 1995 (Vol 108)34(2)
Ottaw is preparing to sell its remaining 70% interest in PetroCanada. The Oil and Gas JournalApril 11, 1994 (Vol 4)14(1)
Petro-Canada awaits shot at independence as government cools heels on stock sale. Peter MortonThe Oil DailyJan. 7, 1994 (Vol 44)3(2)
Grounded: The Liberal government kills the Pearson privatization plan. Tom FennellMaclean'sDec. 13, 1993 (Vol 106)38(2)
United we fly. Geoff BickertonCanadian DimensionJan-Feb 1993 (Vol 27)25(1)
Privatization plans finally moving for Petro-Canada. Peter Mortonthe Oil DailyOct. 3, 1990 (Vol 1)2()
Privatizing the symbols: NDP governments built the crown companies that the Tories now want to sell off. Tom FennellMaclean'sMarch 6, 1989 (Vol 102)28(2)
(Vol )()

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