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Bibliography of Recent Articles on
Privatization in China
Articles for which the full text is available through SJSU's Info Trac - Expanded Academic Index
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Drastic medicine: Privatization of schools and hospitals in China The EconomistJune 15, 2002 (Vol )(1)
China in 2001: Economic liberalization and its political discontents. Dali L. YangAsia SurveyJan.-Feb. 2002 (Vol 42)14(15)
The changing role of money in China and its implications. Carsten A. HolzComparative Economic StudiesFall 2000 (Vol 42)77(15)
Easing the transition to a competitive electricity market in China: A role for tolling agreements. Journal of Project FinanceWinter 2000 (Vol 5)33(7)
The geography of privatization in China, 1978-1996 Sun Sheng Han, Cifton W. PannellEconomic GeographyJuly 1999 (Vol 75)272(15)
How long can Beijing hang tough? Business WeekFebruary 8, 199938(1)
The sleeve unravels: China. The EconomistOctober 10, 1998 (Vol 348)80(1)
The China that Clinton won't see. Richard TomlinsonFortuneJuley 6, 1998 (Vol 138)130(4)
Zhu's leap forward. John Coomley,
Mishi Saran
Time InternationalMarch 16, 1998 (Vol 150)16(4)
Bullish technocrat in china shop. David RocheTime InternationalMarch 16, 1998 (Vol 150)21(1)
Will China be next? George WehfritzNewsweekDecember 1, 1997 (Vol 130)48(1)
A Chinese giant forges a capitalistic soul: Wuhan Iron & Steel Co. Richard TomlinsonFortuneSeptember 29, 1997 (Vol 136)184(5)
The new emperor: Power flows to Jiang Zemin. Berton WoodwardMaclean'sSeptember 29, 1997 (Vol 110)33(1)
China goes private. Maclean'sSeptember 22, 1997 (Vol 110)43(1)
Socialism dies, again. Michael S. SerrillTimeSeptember 22, 1997 (Vol 150)44(1)
Out of the shadow of Deng. The EconomistSeptember 20, 1997 (Vol 344)39(2)
Restructuring. September 13, 1997 (Vol 344)6(1)
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