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Fuyo Group,
the Hibiscus Keiretsu

Fuyo Group, the Hibiscus Keiretsu

Around 1996 the executive council of the Fuyo Group had 27 full-time members. The financial core of the Fuyo Group came from the Yasuda zaibatsu. This includes the main bank, Fuji Bank, and the trust bank of Yasuda Trust & Banking and the insurance companies, Yasuda Fire & Marine and Yasuda Mutual Life. Other Fuyo companies, perhaps under different names, which were part of or associated with the Yasuda zaibatsu are Toho Rayon (fibers), Showa Line (shipping), Oki Denki (electronics) and Tokyo Tatemono (real estate).

In addition to the elements from the Yasuda zaibatsu there were individual companies from failed zaibatsu that joined the Fuyo Group. These include: NKK (steel) and Nippon Cement from the Asano zaibatsu, Taisei Construction from the Okura zaibatsu and Showa Denko from the Mori zaibatsu. Nissan Motor, Nichirei (foods), Nippon Oil and Fats, and Hitachi came to the Fuyo Group from the Nissan zaibatsu. Nisshin Flour Milling, Nisshinbo Industries, NSK and the Tobu Railway came to the Fuyo Group from Nezu zaibatsu. Kubota (machinery), Sapporo Breweries, and Canon joined Fuyo as indivdual companies in the 1960s.

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