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Bibliography of Recent Articles on
Privatization in India
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India's privatization delay pushes firms to the top of stock Emily RehringThe Oil DailySeptember 17, 2002 (Vol 52)()
Government considers plans to cut stakes in Gail and IOC (India) Chemical WeekFebruary 13, 2002 (Vol 164)17(1)
An incredible shrinking government The EconomistFebruary 9, 2002 (Vol )()
New plan for HCL (Hindustan Copper Ltd.) sale Mining JournalOctober 19, 2001 (Vol 337)302(1)
Unlocking the potential: India's economy. The EconomistJune 2, 2001 (Vol )3(1)
Knights in tarnished armour. The EconomistJune 2, 2001 (Vol )7(2)
No big sell-off in India. Business WeekJuly 10, 200068(1)
India privatisation takes wings. The EconomistJanuary 29, 2000 (Vol 354)78()
India OKs privatization of insurance. United Press InternationalDecember 8, 2000100834(1)
Privatization hopes survive Indian politics. Airline BusinessJune 1999 (Vol )29(1)
So much for privatization. Business WeekMarch 1, 1999 (Vol )25(1)
Sleight of hand. The EconomistFebruary 20, 1999 (Vol 350)70(1)
Privatisation, sort of: Indian banking The Economistseptember 27, 1997 (Vol 344)83(1)
Tarnished silver. The EconomistSeptember 6, 1997 (Vol 344)64(1)
India, relevant at last? Owen HarriesSpring 1997 (Vol )115(4)
Retreating from the commanding heights. A.J. GouldingJournal of International AffairsWinter 1997 (Vol 50)581(32)
India has decided to add state owned Oil India Ltd. (OIL) and India Oil Corp. (IOC) to its privatization list. The Oil and Gas JournalJune 27, 1994 (Vol 92)4(1)
Disconnected: Indian privatisation The EconomistMay 7, 1994 (Vol 331)86(2)
India's petroleum privatization gathering speed. The Oil and Gas JournalMarch 14, 1994 (Vol 92)29(4)
(Vol )()

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