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Jerusalem: Port City
To Ethereal Worlds

The Economic History of Jerusalem

The Name

The English pronunciation of Jerusalem is not the correct historic one. The J should be pronounced as y rather than the English j. That said, then the name of the city is composed of two parts, yeru and salem. Salem is the part most easily identified. It is the name of an ancient god or king or perhaps god-king. The yeru or uru part meant something like the place where a god was manifested and that god was not necessarily Salem. The similarity of salem to the word for peace helped preserve the name. However Jerusalem is anything but the place of peace. It has been captured and recaptured about forty times.

The Geographic Setting

The region is covered by rolling hills whose natural condition is dry to the point of being semi-desert. The climate might have been somewhat different six thousand years ago when the city was founded. The basis for the founding a city at that location was a marvelous spring of good quality water. The spring, named gihon flows through a tunnel that could be accessed from a defensive position on the hilltop in a time of war.

The Timeline of the
History of Jerusalem

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