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The Horrendous Financial
Cost of a Nicotine Addiction
An acquaintance I know started smoking cigarets when he was about 15 and continued until he was about 60, when he had to stop because of the serious deterioration of his lungs. He was forced to use a motorized scooter to get around. For the last many year was smoking three packs per day.

Not only was smoking a disaster for his health it was also a financial disaster. At three packs per day and $5 per pack he was spending almost $5500 per year on cigarets. Over a 45 year smoking lifetime he laid out $246,544 for cigarets, almost a quarter of a million dollars, the price of a good house.

But it is even worse if one takes into account the interest that might have been earned on that money. If the money saved earned 3% then at the end the 45 year period the accumulated sum would be $507,989; the price of a very good house.

Typical smokers claim they only smoke a pack a day. That still would amount to $169,330; the price of a house. Even those who claim they only smoke a half of a pack per day would be totaling up a cost of $84,665; the price of house in many areas.

So the cost of a nicotine addiction even for those who quit at age 60 is equal to the price of a house.Those who adamantly avoid acquiring a nicotine addition at age 60 would have a house paid off. Those who foolishly acquire a nicotine addiction have at age 60 impaired lung efficiency and no free and clear home ownership. They may have house but more than likely they still owe on a mortgage that could have been paid off if they had not foolishly acquired a nicotine addition in their youth. And this does not include the cost of medical care for the damages smoking does to one's health. That could be the price of another house.

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