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The Nissan Group

Nissan originated before World War II. It produced its first vehicles in the Japanese puppet state of Manchuquo, set up in Manchuria in 1933.

Nissan is a large company by any standard, but in comparison to the number one auto maker of Japan, Toyota, Nissan seems small. In the past Nissan developed relationships with independent companies which supplied its parts. Often these parts suppliers joined the Nissan organization contributing to the structure of Nissan's vertical keiretsu. Altogether there about 191 companies forming the Nissan organization, the Nichiyo-kai. Not all the past suppliers of Nissan became parat of the Nichiyo-kai. Nissan lost out to Toyota on some of these suppliers such as JECO, a supplier of car clocks.

The Nissan pyramid consists of three groupings: 1. the assembly operations companies 2. the parts manufacturers 3. the distribution service companies. The composition of the Nissan group is as shown below:

Companies in the Nissan Group
CompanyFieldShare owned
by Nissan
Manufacturing and Assembly
Nissan Shatai 43%
Nissan Diesel MotorManf.40%
Aichi Machine
Nissan Car LeasingLeasing100%
Nissan TransportTransportation100%
Nissan Senyosen 100%
Nissan Prince
Tokyo Auto Sales
Tokyo Nissan
Auto Sales
Parts manufacture
 Direct Control
Ikeda BussanSeats43%
Kiriu Machine Mfg.Brake drums51%
Kansei Corp.Instrumentation31%
Kinugawa Rubber IndustryRubber products25%
Kasai KogyoDoors23%
Hashimoto Forming IndustriesCar trim25%
Tosok Corp.Precision tools49%
Fuji UnivanceTransmissions34%
Tsuchiya ManufacturingEmission controls67%
UNISIA JECSHigh tech parts33%
 Autonomous Companies
Dalkin ManufacturingClutches34%
Ichiko IndustrialLighting21%
Sanoh IndustrialTubes9%
Akebono Brake IndustriesBrakes16%

(To be continued.)

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