Thayer Watkins
Silicon Valley
& Tornado Alley

When you click on a podcast directory at the bottom of the page the following screen will appear.

On this screen select the podcast you wish to access (the line will turn blue). On the right end of the line there is a button labeled "get"; click on this button. Then move the cursor to the left side of the screen to the line which reads "San Jose St…" (This is where the red triangle is pointing.) The other red triangle, in the lower lefthand corner, is pointing to a little rectangular icon which controls whether the images in the podcast are displayed.

After double clicking on the line "San Jose St…" the following screen shows.

From the menu showing in the middle of the screen you selected the podcast you want to access by double clicking. The podcast will start to place. Initially the images will be displayed at the lower lefthand corner of the screen. Double click on the image and it will move to the middle of the screen. To get a larger image right-click on the image and select from the menu the "double screen size" option.

The directories contain folders. To access a different folder from the first on the left just click on the appropriate tab above the menu.

Directory of Podcasts

Econ 205A Economic Analysis for Decision-making