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Bibliography of Recent Articles on
Privatization in Russia
Articles for which the full text is available through SJSU's Info Trac - Expanded Academic Index

The Oligarchs

This time Putin may really tame the oligarchsPaul Starobin Business WeekJuly 8, 200236(1)
Who's next? Russian and its oligarchs; another Russina oligarch is attacked. The EconomistJune 9, 20015(1)
Two Russian oligarchs to face criminal charges in separate cases.United Press InternationalNovember 2, 2000
Putin versus the oligarchs?The Economist June 17, 200049
Not-so-badfellas.Chrystia FreelandThe New Republic Octorber 12, 199818(2)
Moscow's real rulers.Owen Matthews
Russell Watson
NewsweekSeptember 7, 199831(1)
Revenge of the oligarchs.Paul Klebnikov ForbesFebruary 23, 199889(2)
Russa's new wealthPaul Starobin Business WeekAugust 5, 200234(6)
Power - but not to the people.Nick Paton Walsh New Stateman (1996)July 15, 200224(2)
Theft of the century: Privatization and the looting of Russia Paul KlebnikovMultinational MonitorJanuary 200223(6)


Sibneft to Bid for Norsi-Oil The Oil DailyOctober 4, 2001 (Vol 51)
Gazprom's new chief executive Alexei MillerThe EconomistJune 2, 20012(1)
Tyumen Oil closes privatization The Oil DailyFebruary 20, 2001 (Vol 51)
Privatization in Russia: Preliminary results and socioeconomic implications Victor SupyanDemokratizatsiyaWinter 2001 (Vol 9)137(7)
Export activities in transitional economies: An enterprise-level study Trevor Buck et. al.Journal of Development Studies December 2000 (Vol 37)44(12)
russia's retreat to stabilization and the implications for business Daniel J. McCarthy et. al.Journal of World BusinessFall 2000 (Vol 35)256(12)
Russia's oil privatization is more greed than fear Eugene Khartukov,
Ellen Starostina
The Oil and Gas Journal July 3, 2000 (Vol 98)30(3)
Stakeholders, governance and the Russian enterprise dilemma Raj Desai,
Itzhak Goldberg
Finance & DevelopmentJune 2000 (Vol 37)14(5)
State withdrawal and the impact of marketization on rural Russia Stephen K. WegrenPolicy Studies JournalSpring 2000 (Vol 28)46(17)
So you think you own a company Business WeekDecember 13, 1999 18(1)
Russia to sell parts of three firms The Oil DailySeptember 15, 1999 (Vol 49)(1)
Russia to sell Lukoil Stake The Oil DailyAugust 27, 1999 (Vol 49)(1)
The State as shareholder: Responsibilities and objectives Olga KuznetsovaEurope-Asia StudiesMay 1999 (Vol 51)
Attitudes toward privatization in Russia Joan DebardelebenEurope-Asia StudiesMay 1999 (Vol 51)
The day they raided Aeroflot Paul KlebnikovForbesMarch 22, 1999 (Vol 163)106(1)
Deliberate disorder: A report from Moscow Gregory FeiferWorld Policy JournalSpring 1999 (Vol 16)69(7)
The slow transformation of Russian agriculture Andrzej KwiecinskiOECD ObserverOct-Nov 1998 (No 214)35(4)
Free fall, as Russia's economy melts Bruce W. NelanTimeSeptember 7, 199830(5)
What's the difference? Industrial privatization and agricultural land reform in Russia Andrew BarnesEurope-Asia StudiesJuly 1998 (Vol 50)843(11)
Fragmentation of authority and privatization of the State: From Gorbachev to Yeltsin Vladimir BrovkinDemokratizatsiyaSummer 1998504(10)

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