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Bibliography of Recent Articles on
Privatization in Spain
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Why governments sell public firms: The Spanish case. Joaquim VergesInternational Advances in Economic ResearchFebruary 2001 (Vol 7)114(18)
Who pays the piper? Who calls the tune? Colin GreenUNESCO CourierFebruary 199922(3)
Final helpings: Privatizations of Spanish banks. The EconomistFebruary 7, 1998 (Vol 346)72(2)
Repsol, Pluspetrol eye Latin American accord. The Oil and Gas JournalFebruary 3, 1997 (Vol 95)35(1)
Spain - public and private sector restructuring brings acquisition opportunities. European Venture Capital JournalFeb-March 199734(3)
Spain's petroleum privatization continues apace. The Oil and Gas JournalAugust 15, 1994 (Vol 92)4(1)
After Banesto: Argentina. The EconomistMay 28, 1994 (Vol 331)79(1)
Privatization changes Spain's business environment, and creates opportunities for U.S. business. Mary Beth DoubleBusiness AmericaFebruary 22, 1993 (Vol 114)8(3)
Investors are shouting Ole: Spain's Socialist government is luring investment from the U.S., Japan and the rest of Europe. Shawn TullyFortuneDecember 8, 1986 (Vol 114)106(4)
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