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The Economic History
of Stockholm, Sweden

The name Stockholm means Island at Stocksund. Stocksund is the old name for the body of water which connects Lake Mälar (Mälaren) with the Baltic Sea. The Stocksund is now called the Norrström (North Stream). It is not just one island involved in the site of Stockholm; there are 22 islands as well as the mainland. The original Old Town (Gamla Stan) consisted of three islands: Stadsholmen (the city island), Helgeandholmen (the island of the holy spirit) and Riddarholmen (the nobles' island).

The islands in Lake Maläre provided security for settlements as well as easy access by water for trade. There is evidence of the habitation of one island in Lake Maläre since the first centuries CE. The town of Birka Björkö was established cirka 800 CE. It ultimately developed into a trading center with links to eastern and western Europe and even the Byzantine Empire.

Timeline of the History of Stockholm

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