San Jos� State University - URBP 200
Professor Asha Weinstein - Fall 2004

City History Assignment - Team Evaluation

A required part of the city history project is that you must evaluate the performance of each member of the group, including yourself.  (Any student not turning in the evaluation will receive a grade of �incomplete� for the semester grade until I receive it.)

Due date: Due by email by 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 16, 2004.

Confidentiality: Note that I will not share your comments with other group members.

Format: For each person�s evaluation, including yourself, write an evaluation covering the following four items:

1. Explain the strengths of that person�s contribution to the project, keeping in mind the wide variety of tasks involved in your group project (research, writing, editing, leadership, etc.). Be as detailed as possible.

2. Explain the areas where that person should work on improving his/her work skills. Be as detailed as possible.

3. Rate that person�s overall contribution to the project according to the following scale:*

4. If you think that the individual deserves a lower or higher grade than the official �group grade,� indicate this and explain your reasoning.


* This rating scale was developed by Prof. Barbara Oakley of Oakland University (Rochester, Michigan).