San Jos� State University - URBP 200
Professor Asha Weinstein - Fall 2004

City History Assignment - Part III

Due November 22, 2004 (in class)


Prepare a draft of the second half of the report (Part B), a 10+ page discussion of how the current planning surrounding ProblemX relates to the city�s history. Discuss the current debates and planning efforts related to your issue, and analyze how these relate to the city�s history. This portion of the paper should describe current planning efforts briefly, with the focus more on connecting them to the city's history. For example, I do not want to see 10 pages describing current planning efforts, and 10 sentences linking them to the city�s history.

Although I only expect a draft, keep in mind that the more fully developed the writing you hand in, the better able I am to give you specific feedback that will help you produce the best possible final product.

For this assignment, please (1) hand in a paper copy, and (2) provide me with the electronic version (in MS Word) either by email or on a CD.

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