San Jos´┐Ż State University - URBP 213
Professor Asha W. Agrawal - Fall 2008

Citation Homework

(Due in class on October 15/16)

Part 1: Review the proper way to prepare notes and bibliographies as explained in Chapters 15, 16, and 17 of the Turabian book.  I don't recommend reading each chapter word for word unless you have insomnia and wish to put yourself to sleep.  I recommend that you instead read the introductory material for each chapter carefully and then skim through all other sections.

Part 2: Using the Turabian book as your guide, type up citations in both "note" and "bibliography" format for each of the items on the handout distributed in class and for the following three items:


Note that on October 15/16, I will give an in-class, open-book quiz testing how well you can format citations for printed materials, so be sure to bring your copy of Turabian to class.

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