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Women, foreigners, and the White City

To this point, we have examined the shifting state of the individual within various rhetorics of the ideal community. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it becomes clear that neither church nor state can construct a perfected social order. Perhaps, the job should be left to masters of commerce and captains of industry. The ideal public life becomes a product to be planned, packaged, and purchased - and placed within what Michel Foucault labels a heterotopia. Yet, as with the fanciful republics imagined by philosophers and statesmen, a troubling question cannot be ignored: who counts in this brave new world, and who remains invisible in this rarified locale?

Summary Paper Two is due

Readings: Burg, Larson, Dial, and Paine

Supplemental Website: Wood's Columbian Exposition Resources

Supplemental Website: Images from the 1933-34 Century of Progress Fair

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