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Rhetoric of Ubiquitous Surveillance 

Thomas More's Utopia

"Wherever you are, you always have to work. There's never any excuse for idleness. There are also no wine-taverns, no ale-houses, no brothels, no opportunities for seduction, no secret meeting-places. Everyone has his eye on you, so you're practically forced to get on with your job, and make some proper use of your spare time."

- Thomas More's Utopia


We study renaissance rhetoric, examining new tensions between governance and the emerging "individual" who struggles to reconcile the edicts of church and state with his conscience. Recalling Plato's communist regime, we explore Thomas More's utopian critique of the politics of his day, paying close attention to the physical and social mechanisms through which personal choice is moderated by social consensus.


Andrew Wood's summary of Thomas More's Utopia

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A Man for All Seasons


A Man for All Seasons

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