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This is a growing list of the major terms and concepts I want you to master for the upcoming examinations. This list is subject to change as we progress throughout the course. This review is designed to highlight ideas and concepts that will be found on the test. Even so, the review does not include every word that will appear on the exam; it merely serves to guide your study of the texts, notes, web resources, and other materials employed throughout this course.


Introductory lecture
Culture definition
Modernity definition 
Lexus "City" analysis
Stilgoe thesis 
Compare View of the Railway across Chat Moss with Rain, Steam and Speed
Harvey thesis
Modern Times analysis
Dual formulation of the Modern Project
The Enlightenment
Paris Street, Rainy Day analysis
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon analysis
The Anatomy Lesson analysis
Critiques of the Modern Project
Goh thesis
Three virtues of urban sprawl
Four critiques of urban sprawl
Three strategies for reading urban sprawl
Foucault thesis
Panopticism (Bentham's creation, original purpose)
The Spectacle of the Scaffold
de Certeau thesis
Geometric Gaze
Strategy vs. Tactics
Practicing the
Flaneur gaze


Benjamin thesis
Benjamin bio
Arcades Project
Marxism overview (five qualities)
Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans
Essay Section 1: Broad distribution over limited access
Aura (three qualities)
Exhibition Value vs. Cult Value
Essay Section 2: Collective sensibility over individual reflection (four qualities)
Essay Section 3: Direct experience over detached contemplation (five qualities)

Essay Section 4: Aesthetic of violence vs. a politic of struggle
Futurism example ("Unique Forms")
Sontag thesis
Democratization and atomization
David Hockney's Place Furstenberg, Paris
Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother
Nostalgia (nuclear family and memento mori)
Arne Svenson's The Neighbors
Tourism (detachment and response to anxiety)
Discipline (photos and state power)
Wood ["Two roads"] thesis
Route 66 timeline
"America" and "the West" (classroom-built thesis)

Devil's Bargain (with example)
Simulation (two types)
Simulacra (with example)
Wood ["What happens"] thesis
Omnitopia (with five components)
Totalizing Environments
Casino example
Post-tourism (three elements)
Dickinson thesis
Two problems of Postmodernity
Starbucks as Third Place
Four Starbucks strategies [performances]
Hilliker thesis
20th Century Architecture
Bauhaus (four qualities)
Le Corbusier (philosophy)
International Style (six qualities)
Playtime overview: Context, critique, challenges
Scene analysis: The "airport" and the "Royal Garden"