This time the Wood Family decided on a sci-fi theme: "We Come in Pieces." We transformed our porch into Area 51, complete with an alien containment field, an eerie x-ray, video footage from the Roswell incident, and a crash-landed "visitor" that offered a perfect specimen for our scientists. Strobe lights revealed hanging aliens in the upper windows, and our musical selections included creepy theremin music from The Day the Earth Stood Still and The X-Files theme song.

As with Halloween 2005, we offered a warning to parents that the gory effects may be inappropriate for young trick-or-treaters. Even so, hundreds of kids and parents thronged the porch while Andy conducted the autopsy.

The pictures below are thumbnails - click on them for the full view - if you dare!

Despite the warning about photography, many parents took pictures of our display.
Every once in a while a kid would ask where the alien spaceship was. We pointed to some pictures on our bulletin board.
The alien operation didn't go too well. Every time we thought we were ready to extract the heart, it would start beating again!
Inside the chest cavity, we found alien embryos. This discovery made determining the sex of the visitor quite difficult.
Footage from the Roswell crash helped us plan our own operation.
One of the aliens survived - sort of - in severed head form.