Cottage Motel
Hot Springs, AR
Fountain Motel
Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs, AR

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Visiting Arkansas, you should plan to slow down in Hot Springs, noted by its ornate bathhouses where turn-of-the-century tourists would “take the waters.” Predictably, many of the tourist courts on either side of the city center suffer the ravages of prostitution and drug use. For a lover of genuine mom and pop stops, there are several nice choices, though. You might enjoy the Victorian embellishments that set the Tower Motel apart from most cookie-cutter chains, or you seek out the Fountain Motel that reflects a nearly perfect vision of streamline-moderne design. But, you should end your tour with the Cottage Motel on Park Avenue. While insects begin to practice their musical cacophony under a setting sun, pull into the court and meet Efren. Remember, though: he’s not only the owner; he's the "president."

West Memphis, AR, Motel Postcard (click for larger view)

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