El Rancho Motel
Twin Falls, ID
Idaho Motel (apts.)
Pocatello, ID
Amber Inn Motel
Twin Falls, ID

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In Pocatello, the old Idaho Motel with its state-shaped wall has given way to an apartment complex and no one can quite recall the location of the even more ancient Rainbow Cottage Camp that offered “gas plates and coal stoves” in cabins priced for a buck. Heading south along U.S. 30, slow down to catch a breather in Soda Springs. One morning, you might pass through a gauntlet of flag waving patriots demonstrating their support for troops fighting overseas. On the site of Mormon pioneer Brigham Young’s summer home, you can stay at the Brigham Young Lodge. Nearby, on the marquee of the local sandwhich shop, one fellow has asked: “Clara Will U Go 2 Prom With Me?” A second line below, presumably unrelated, reads: “Breakfast 8 AM.”

Montpelier and Pocatello Motel Postcards (click for larger views)

All text copyright Andrew Wood. Photos copyright Jenny Wood and Andy Wood.

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