Pine Haven Motel
Fort Wayne, IN

Mound Haven Motel
Brookville, IN

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You’ve driving the Hoosier State for hours and had little luck in your search for cool lodgings. But you slow down a bit as the rains begin to fall and the little towns through which you pass curl themselves around tighter and windier curves as the road follows the meandering path of the Whitewater River. Preparing to abandon your search, threatening to drop into neighboring Ohio with a nasty temper, you then catch sight of the long thin line of red neon about three miles south of Brookville: The Mound Haven Motel. This motel reminds you of what you search for Mom and Pop operations: an owner who looks you in the eye when taking your money, a room that hasn’t suffered the insult of modernization, and a television that seems to only get the Andy Griffith Show. With its clean sheets and comfy bed, the Mound Haven energizes you for another day on the road.

All text copyright Andrew Wood. Photos copyright Jenny Wood and Andy Wood.