Star Motel
Cave City, KY
Wigwam Village
Cave City, KY
Blue Grass Motel
Cave City, KY

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As good a way to pass through Kentucky as any, the old U.S. numbered highway 60 courses through bluegrass country, past tiny cash crops of tobacco and insanely opulent nouveau riche homes designed to look as if they’ve stood for decades. The state capital, Frankfort, emerges suddenly like a drop in guest you haven’t seen in a while. Dwarfed by Kentucky’s larger cities, the capital offers a small station along the pilgrimage in search of roadside motels, the Anchor Inn Motel with its brick line of wooden doors, each a little different than the other. The doors reflect different stages of the motel’s maintenance. By the doors, several types of chairs and benches. Years ago, someone had the inspiration to paint black anchors on some of the benches, back when the motel rated a couple of steel hanging signs and a fancy neon sign. Today, as daily tenants give way to weekly and monthly stays, no one notices the faded sign anymore.

Corbin and Cave City Motel Postcards (click for larger views)

Middlesboro, KY, Motel Postcard(click for larger view)

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