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Head inland toward the Alamo Court to start your journey along Highway 50. Said to be the oldest motel in Ocean City, this roadside gem was built in 1945 to accommodate the throngs of travelers hitting the two-lane to all points west. Borrowing the pueblo styling of a southwestern mission, compete with wooden beams sticking out from a stucco-like facade, the Alamo offers an ersatz history lesson for the price of a night’s lodging, just as long as the details aren’t too important. This is, after all, a motel. Even so, the new owners have set up a tiny grill and have big plans for their property. But the motel will surely outlive even them and their new slogan: “Bring Your Ass to the Alamo.”

All text copyright Andrew Wood. Photos copyright Jenny Wood and Andy Wood

Classic Motel Americana: Check out an old page for this state. It is no longer maintained but may bring back some fun memories. Take a look!


Alamo Court
Ocean City, MD