New Hampshire
Mirror Lake Motel
Whitefield, NH
Abandoned Cabins
Whitefield, NH
Colonia Comfort Inn
Gorham, NH

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Along U.S. 2 in Gorham, Bruno and Mary Anne Janicki maintain the Colonial Comfort Inn as well as a hostel for hikers tackling the Appalachian Trail. Recognized as “trail angels” for their dedication to the safety of the AT community, the Janikis have been known to rescue exhausted hikers who’d over estimated their skills on the 2,100 footpath or underestimated the changing climactic conditions that can transform a leisurely stroll into a mortal struggle. When folks finally reach the Janikis’ inn, either on foot or by less strenuous mode of transportation, they find a friendly white chocolate house with a diner in front that serves fairly awesome breakfasts. During our visit, yellow ribbons adorned the windows as the motel paid its respects for travelers who’ve journeyed even further than the Appalachian Trail than the bronzed hikers who pass through daily. Before you leave, take a look at the newly named Royalty Inn. Once, in the age of linen postcards that advertised private shows and “steam heat,” the Inn was called the Tourist Village Motel. Now, the place is almost unrecognizable from its earlier days.

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