Western Motel
Oklahoma City, OK
Carlyle Motel
Oklahoma City, OK
Desert Hills Motel
Tulsa, OK

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Route 66 cruises through the Oklahoma, passing relics in Afton like the oft-photographed Rest Haven Motel before setting its course toward Tulsa. You wouldn’t guess by the interstates that cleave through the city, but Tulsa earns its “Green Country” nickname thanks to an impressive number of parks and gardens. The city also boasts a national-caliber collection of art deco buildings from the thirties and forties. But an essential stop in our journey may be found at the Desert Hills Motel. While you may think more of oil derricks dotting the landscape, this motel harkens to an older myth of the frontier in the form of a glowing neon cactus that waits for the silky sky to turn gold than red than purple. Nearby, you’ll find the Oasis Motel whose pastel tubes and glowing moon stand out against the boring roadside clutter.

Oasis Motel
Tulsa, OK
Rest Haven Motel
Afton, OK
Lincoln Motel
Chandler, OK

Continuing toward Oklahoma City, pull into Chandler (“Pecan capital of the World”) and visit the Lincoln Motel. There, you will encounter two rows of red wooden cabins with green benches and an American flag that snaps to a crisp breeze. Maintained since 1939, the Lincoln just might be the nicest motel in the Sooner State. Eventually, though, you’ll continue west toward OK-City. With the exception of 66 Bowl, the town and its outlying areas have largely abandoned the Mother Road, even while the ghosts of the past reside on the walls of old buildings.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa Motel Postcards (click for larger views)

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