Redwood Motel
Jamesville, WI
Holiday Motel
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Flamingo Motel
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Driving the strip through Wisconsin Dells, you spot easily the coolest motel of the bunch, the Flamingo Motel and Suites. In the play area, kids cavort under a giant mushroom that spouts a waterfall from its cap. Nearby they slide down an oversized green toad. And, of course, you’ll struggle to find a more unique motel sign that a giant three-dimensional pink flamingo. Not too far down the road, the Holiday Motel responds with its classic doo-wop neon burst of red and yellow and, for good measure, a human-sized Statue of Liberty painted red, white, and blue. Wherever you stay in Wisconsin Dells, remember that the town was built for summer crowds and prices its accommodations accordingly. Don’t show up in search of a cheap room without plenty of planning.

Wisconsin Dells, WI, Motel Postcard (click for larger view)

All text copyright Andrew Wood. Photos copyright Jenny Wood and Andy Wood.