Oregon Motels

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Between Pistole River and Cape Sabastian State Park are some of the most awe-inspiring beaches in the world. Towering rock formations jut from waters that radiate azure, cyan, and turquoise as if all of Sedona, Arizona had been flooded over a million year's time. Sea anemones buffet against the tides that strike the craggy coves while gulls glide and swoop on the air. Windsurfers and otters take to the waters while we skim the highway.

In these parts, highway 101 offers the usual assortment of inns, B&Bs and seaside cottages, but few motels worth mentioning - with the exception of the Park Motel in Florence. This site, nestled among giant fir trees, is located near sand dunes and fresh water lakes. The coolest aspect of the Park, however, is the motel policy on dogs:

The attitude is somewhat different north of Yachats at the Sea Stones Cottages (clickable image to the right). In this relic, overgrown with mini pink roses, lace curtains and Christmas lights hang in solitude. All it says on the sign is, "no."

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