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What is it?

Omnitopia enacts a structural and perceptual enclave whose apparently distinct locales convey inhabitants to a singular place.


Think of it this way: When you can flow from place to place, experiencing it all as one vast interior, cocooned in your own bubble, interacting with other people and natural parts of the world only as a series of objects, you're in omnitopia.

How does omnitopia work?

• Dislocation detaches a site from its surrounding locale. [Learn More]

• Conflation merges disparate experiences into a singular whole. [Learn More]

• Fragmentation splits a singular environment into multiple perceptions. [Learn More]

• Mobility orients a place around movement rather than stasis. [Learn More]

• Mutability enables the perpetual change of a place. [Learn More]

Is this the first definition of omnitopia?

No. Given the many possible combinations of the Latin root "omni" and Greek root "topos," mine is merely one articulation of omnitopia, not the first or only one. Previous articulations include Dung Kai-cheung's reference to omnitopia in his Chinese language book, The Atlas: Archeology of an Imaginary City, and a videogame that refers to one of its levels as "omnitopia."

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