March 16, 2005

Today was not too exciting. It was mostly about flying from Alice Springs to Cairns, via Sydney. Looking at a map, you might wonder why we had to fly so far south to Sydney to get farther north to Cairns. In fact, the man at the Qantas desk wondered that too, but he was unable to fix the problem as the flight directly to Cairns was already overbooked. But, before our non-adventures in flying, we did have a lovely morning in the town of Alice Springs. It has a very nice shopping district that is a walking plaza. Vienna got to go online for a while. Andy and I shopped for a didgeridoo. We found a great one that is now on a "slow boat to California." We are looking forward to putting it next to our fireplace at home along with the boomerang we picked up.

The one downside to this morning was that I left my doggy boxes from our great and expensive meal last night at Bojangles in our motel room. When I went back for it only two hours later, they had already thrown it in the "bin." I was very sad because we had cheese and crackers from "dessert" - yes that's dessert - and half of a chicken parmesean that was delicious. Bummer.

Today's flights have been fine but, of course, boring. We're getting to watch Bridget Jones 2, which is cute and funny. Tonight we will be in Cairns, Queensland. Tomorrow, we are to go on the Passions of Paradise tour, which will take us out to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling. It should be great if the weather is good. It hasn't been so nice there recently.