Wednesday, August 1

Hi! My name is Jenny Wood. This is the story of our family's odyssey across the country in search of historical sites related to U.S. presidents. You may not know why we took this journey, but within these next two weeks of journal entries, you ought to get a pretty good idea. I am not going to say much about our first day because we spent most of the day on a plane or in an airport - not very interesting. We basically flew to Chicago and rented a car to start our trip. However, once we arrived in Chicago around 12:30 AM Central Time and were finally free of airlines, boarding passes, tickets, buses, schedules - the control of others, as Andy describes it - we made an unusual decision. Instead of finding a motel and getting a good night's sleep like normal people would do before starting a long trip, we decided to get some miles in to lighten the load for the next day. So we set off on US 90 toward Dubuque Iowa. We were, of course not tired at all since it was only 11:00 PM to our bodies.

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