An interview:  A brain-functionalist who deprogrammed AUM's top leaders
A Devastating Scenario: A Mind Control Society

All humans are vulnerable to mind control.  Cyber-Homeostasis (CH) theory, brain revolution,
psychotherapy, military brainwashing;  the brain-functionalist,
who deprogrammed the AUM followers, talks

The rationale behind the danger of "mind business"

SOURCE: Takarajima, No. 304, March 1997. Pp. 224-271.

Interviewer:     Yasumi IWAKAMI

Interviewee:     Hideto TOMABECHI, Ph.D.

Translation:     Y. M. Shimazu, Ed.D.

(c) 1998

The phrase "mind control" has become part of our daily language after the 95 AUM incidence.  People will make fun of you by saying "You must be mind controlled by XX" when you follow blindly, or are being obedient to a certain discipline of an organization or an authority.

On the other hand, it seems that the Japanese did not learn a lesson from the series of tragic accidents caused by the AUM SHINRI KYO.   The problem attributes to the popular book entitled Nonai Kakumei.   The credential,  the author is "an MD, a graduate of the Tokyo University Medical School"  but the content of the book is a phony science book.   Disguising "the how to improve  our health" but it is nothing but a promotion of HARUYAMA's products--his biofeedback equipment, his health food called the MORUPA capsules for sale to the public;  and solicitation to join his health club called "MAHOROBA club."   It is the same as the Bible sale, and the same rhetoric of the GAMA oil (or snake oil) sale of Daido Yakushi.  Even Asahara, who tried to gamble on people using his "mind control" technique, which later failed, then he turned into terrorism.  The distance between the "Brain Revolution" and the AUM is close, not far.

The reason that the public is not aware of the danger of "mind control (MC)" is that they do not know what MC  really is about.    Dr. Tomabechi succeeded in deprogramming  some of the executives of the AUM SHINRI KYO,  the former AUM executive Kazuko Tozawa, and others.   Regarding Ms. Tozawa's deprogramming process, I interviewed Tozawa-san  on another occasion (Gekkan < Gendai>  Jan & Feb 1997).   So, today  I would like to ask you about the human vulnerability to mind control in terms of the mechanism in conjunction with brain function.           Dr.T:   I am a scientist not a clinical psychologist.   I specialize in an area of the touching point of brain function and of spiritual activities, the area of the grounding problem.   Deprogramming is a product and the result of the research in this area.   The reason I succeeded in deprogramming is that the theory of CH works, not boasting my debrainwashing skill--I am not a skilled engineer as you know.

About CH theory,  it is hypothesized that for humans  the homeostasis function, the normalizing function of  living beings, is extended to man's
information space (or mental processes).   Humans recognize the information by reconstructing the message via their modal channels such as eyes and ears inside the brain.  This is a common sense.  The problem is after that.  For humans, the  "fact" is not only one.   Unlimited or infinite number of universe possibilities exist.  This is what CH theory is about.

All animals including humans have the function of  homeostasis.  They adjust their  body temperature to outside temperatures, adjust their pulse and heart beat; they have these anti-environmental adjusting functions.  In these cases, the biofeedback relation  between the living being and the outside world  is one to one.   Humans, however, extended this biofeedback loop to the world of virtual reality, because they have  over the years  enlarged their frontal portion of the brains abnormally.

When watching a movie in a theater, the sensation of the chair on which you are sitting is outside of your reality.   The realm of virtual reality is more attended than the physical reality.   You will be experiencing abnormal consciousness lightly at the time.   Because the worlds of virtual reality exist numerously, the biofeedback relation between the living being and the outside being  no longer becomes one to one.   People can move on to another virtual reality activity from one virtual reality activity;  for example, watching movies, then to reading books, etc.    Today  computers can show us virtual reality.  However, we humans have been exposed to virtual realities a long time before the advent of computers.

Let us look into the mechanism of mysterious experience that religion may give us.   As you know in the nucleus of mind control of the AUM, you will find a strong mystery experience.   However  it is not  "mystery" at all.    It is simply a virtual reality or image that popped up in one's brain.   The AUM's religious mind control is to rewrite inside images from the outside using drugs, yoga, or meditation techniques that bring up a very strong state of abnormal nature.   This means, that if the inside images have been rewritten from an outside control, in turn, the outside control can rewrite the inside.  The logic, I used, to the AUM followers, is the above, rewriting of inside images.

"Total Recall," Will It Happen?
I think there are many people who become uncomfortable by listening to Dr. Tomabechi.   The inside of humans can be rewritten so easily?   If so, everyone can be readily mind controlled.  As we have seen in the movie "Total Recall" our memories are possibly replanted.           Dr.T:   There is a limit to the rewriting of inside images from outside.  Obviously, one cannot rewrite the information on one's genes.   In 1993  I wrote a research paper whether the technology that appeared in Total Recall is principally feasible.   It will not become real in the near future.   Mind control is possible, although you may not erase and rewrite the memories to that extent (shown in Total Recall).   Humans will become "killer robots" by the commands of a Guru, by some rewriting of the inside images.   This became clear by the AUM incidents.   This is scary.  The basic technology and the absolute power of "mind control" was disclosed to the public.   Unless, decent policies have been established, a bright  21st Century will not arrive.

Putting together what I have said,  according to CH theory, what I can definitely say is "all humans are vulnerable to mind control."   To put it in
better terms, "humans' fantasies or perceptions may be rewritten or controlled from the outside."   Whenever  I say this,  I always have rebuttals.   First, no one likes to admit that he or she is a person whose mind is controlled.   Second, simply being nice to me, and saying "yes, yes" to me identifies a dangerous person.   The person who is capable of deprogramming (humans), using CH theory, will be capable of programming.  Thus, the person is dangerous, so stay away from the guy, probably  that's true. (laughs)    I will not engage in programming, however.   Don't worry!   Nuclear physicists are able to construct nuclear bombs  but not all physicists will make nuclear bombs for terrorists.  Decent scientists do not do that.

The third reactionary pattern is the hysteria of a society  by telling the public of the danger of "mind control" which may be stirred up in public apprehension.   This must have been convincing before 1995.   In 1995, however, Japan experienced the AUM [Tokyo subway] accident, proving that even educated healthy individuals can be sickened by mind control.  After that, several million copies of Nonai Kakumei were sold.   I think  this phenomenon is more serious than the AUM itself.  Everyone can tell the danger of the AUM but not the inherent danger of the Brain Revolution.  It's much easier to stay in your research, but if society collapses, you cannot continue your research.  I have to warn the public of the danger before it is too late.

Can Psychiatrists Be Engaged in Debrainwashing?
Contrary to the danger of mind control, I would like to emphasize the positive aspects of brain research; the technique used in mind control.   If used positively, it will help the next generation build-up psychotherapy, and help people with learning disabilities.  Also it will create the possibilities for the treatment of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers.   I discovered this when I contacted former AUM members.  Having known the facts about the AUM, the people who left the AUM cult group still suffer from their post-traumatic disorders.   The fears and feelings of insecurity will not readily disappear.

There are 2 things I have learned from the AUM people:  First, this is not a disease.   Second, this is beyond the conventional psycho-medicine.  There are post-traumatic disorder patients among those former AUM members who show symptoms close to schizophrenia, but they are not schizophrenic.   They need a different treatment approach from regular schizophrenic patients.

In general, the schizophrenic patient is the one who underwent the inside rewriting of images  because of problems with human relations, or failures at work, etc. that occurred to him or her  in a normal social environment.  As a result, physical disorders appear on his or her body.   The job of the psychiatrist is to find out the cause of this disorder, what caused the rewriting of the inside images, then recommend treatments including drugs accordingly.

The inside images are no longer the individual's original images.  In this regard, both the schizophrenic patient and the mind controlled person share the same variance, but the causes of the two are different.   In the past  in a normal, natural environment  schizophrenic people have appeared.   "Mind control" however was man-made, deliberately made;  there is a big difference between the two.    For the man-made inside rewriting must be rewritten by the human.  It is too abstract to say that it (AUM) has religious ideology.   It is no.   If you apply drugs to those mind controlled people, they will show no crazy behavior.

The AUM used LSD to control the minds of their followers.  I am not saying that one drug can offset the other; it is not that simple.  The inside images were rewritten with LSD.  The psycho-medicine and clinical psychology classes do not teach how to rewrite the inside images.  Even if you try to learn the technique for rewriting mind control,  few US universities teach it today.   A lot of cult mind control studies have been done, but they are still at rudimentary stages.  The courses are unavailable for students at large.

Theoretical Background of Mind Control
"Mind Business" will be divided into three:   First, the cult groups that use a strong mind control like the AUM SHINRI KYO  that transcended from the current society.   Second, the seminars that tout self-development, self-promotion, self-actualization or the like, even if they do not collect money from the participants, are using mind control techniques.  This second category includes Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), hypnosis, group therapy such as Encounter Groups, and Transcendental Mediation (TM).   Third, classes for sensitivity trainings, sales talks, conducted for sales professionals in the corporate society pitched as human development seminars.

These three seem to have a lot in common in terms of their techniques, even though their target markets may differ as their "mind business."
Would you elaborate its mechanism and the theoretical framework as its background, including its historical transition?       Dr. T:  The so called seminars,  therapy, and cult brain washing, etc. are derived from psychology.  Until recently, psychology simply followed physics and philosophy.  In the world of science, physics was always on the top.   It is only recently that the studies about psychology and information came forward.

As we know, in the early 20th century, the paradigm shifted.  Because of the advent of Einstein's general relativity theory and quantum physics, the world of physics dominated by Newton's dynamics  did change.   The same paradigm shift is occurring also in the worlds of philosophy and psychology. The paradigm shift was brought about by Modal Logic in the area of philosophy.  First, it was the modern analytical philosophy.    In Japan, traditionally  it was influenced by Germany and France, when you talk about philosophy, it resided in the school of literature.   But in the USA, influenced by Bertrand Russell's mathematical philosophy, it is mathematics.  The university I studied at, Carnegie Mellon University, in the Philosophy Department, students do research using computers.  Philosophy is close to pure mathematics, that's why it crosses with the Computer Department.

In modal logic  a modal operator exists at the true or false level of the probability world.   A normal logic formula pertains to only one proposition in all the universe.  As long as we are using the mechanical universe theory, this happens.   It happens that one proposition is true in this world, but it is false in another world.  This is a great paradigm shift in philosophy.

Putting my philosophical view in a nutshell, I believe in "expressionistic materialism" or  "representational materialism."  Humans recognize realities using inside images.  What the human being recognizes is nothing but the representation of symbols that reflect in the brain; in this respect, there is no substantive difference between virtual reality and reality.   That does not mean the theories such as "YUINO RON or  One-brain theory"  or  "YUIGEN RON or One-mirage theory" is true.   Materials do exist whether humans perceive them or not.  Material reality and the mathematical axiom existed long before humans arrived, and they will continue to exist.   The human spirit, i.e., recognition and non-recognition, was produced by the substance called the brain.

Our Spirit Will Be Mathematically Computed/Interpreted
The paradigm shift in the proposition of psychology is behaviorism.  The method of behaviorism is divided into two: pre-behaviorism and post-behaviorism.  Behaviorism sees the human being as a "black box."   In behaviorism, the researcher observes stimuli and responses, then tries to define the human being.  The fundamental theory of behaviorism is the mechanical universe theory, Newton's physics, dynamics theory, and his world view.  Traditional experimental psychology is based on this behaviorism, and Japan's psychology still remains there.

Obviously, when behaviorism and classical experimental psychology first appeared, they were meaningful.  Until they came out, clinical science and science had no difference.  Sigmund Freud is one of the founders in this era.   The basic premise of clinical science is:  if the disease disappears, it is okay.  This however does not establish the basics of medical science.  "Why was the disease cured?" Medical treatments do not require an explanation of recovery.   It is medical science that improves the medical treatment.  The same is true in the areas of psychology and psychiatric treatment as well.

In the past, a traditional experimental method of physics was adapted. The method by which the researcher examines the relationships between the input (independent variables)  and output (dependent variables) objectively.   The researcher repeats numerous experimentation then he or she analyzes the data.  They emphasize repeat measurements.  Obviously these traditional experiments are based on the so called pre-quantum physics theory models, the old methods.   Although the human mind is a complicated function, this method views the human as a "black box."     The science  is of  an image of a rusted iron with bluish dull color.  The resurgence of  religion and occultism with anti-modernization, must be of a reactionary phenomenon against human understanding or misunderstanding,  the understanding based on 19th century science.   This kind of conflicting baron graphs still exists today  in the 20th century.              Dr.T:   Maybe you are right.  It is pitiful to see  those scholars who worked hard to bring psychology into science in the old days.

Among the scientists, not the occultists, questions arise about these human views and research methods.  It started with the study on artificial intelligence.  Shank, a linguist and computer scientist, and Apelson, psychologist, began research on cognitive psychology;  at the same time, Mervin Minsky  and Simon Newell  began similar research from the engineering point of view.  They thought we can describe the content of human spirit and intelligence using mathematics.  Dr. Shank was my advisor in graduate school at Yale University.

Functionalism started from here.  Functionalism is a view to capture one's mind as a collective function.  In other words, all phenomena occurring in our brain will be rewritten in mathematical functions.   Of course  we use computers to do these complicated computations.  Functionalism and computational science have developed hand in hand.   Accurate mathematical interpretations and descriptions, not the imprecise natural language pre-experimental psychology, not ignoring human mind/spirit as in the black box,  have merged.   My "inner or inside images" of course hold this assumption of mathematical grasps and descriptions.

Psycho-Therapy and Abuse of Cognition Change
When you discuss psychological methods  it is important that you find out whether they are before or after this functionalism.    Whether you view the human being as a black box  or  you acknowledge the existence of inside images or representation, determines whether it is necessary to rewrite inside images deliberately  or not.   In the traditional methods such as the Gestalt treatment, the alternate analysis (KORYU BUNSEKI), and the T- Training, inside rewriting isn't applied.   They did not need rewriting.  When those methods work, it is interpreted that the rewriting was conducted.

On the other hand, in the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or  the natural hypnosis method initiated by Eric Ericsson, they apply inside rewriting.  They are very up-to-date.    In NLP  they rewrite the frames of real image called the "framing method."   Because it depends on the skill of the trainer or clinical technician, it is hard to say which method is most effective.   In the NLP method or the hypnosis method, the examinee does not notice the area of rewriting  because he or she directly controls inside images or representations.    In this regard, if these methods are abused, it is extremely dangerous.

This does not mean that other methods before the functionalists are safer.  They may not have the ability to rewrite images  but they will cause an abnormal state or plight.

Say, for example, Process Oriented Psychology (POP):  This is a method whereby the Gestalt method is added to jung, then flavored with Asian spices,  or the "Transpersonal Psychology."   These two merged in the 60's during the era of a new generation of anti-culture.   Similar methods exist  but what they are trying to do is basically the same among these, incorporating Asian images, they try to program conversion of recognition using recognition abnormality.   Those programs are not substantively dangerous.

However, if someone uses the abnormal image or recognition  produced in there, it is extremely dangerous.   Vigorous seminars and forums are of these kinds.   It is more dangerous to program subjects with strong abnormal images using the old methods, without the deprogramming device, pouring strong messages, leaving the subjects with the abnormal images unattended.

Military Brainwash Technique:  Possibilities of Leaks
Interviewer:  In the United States, brainwashing and debrainwashing techniques were refined.   Is there any relationship between military brainwash techniques  and  the methods used in psychiatric treatment, or the techniques used in local seminars and counseling?   For example, were there any incidents that the military brainwash technique leaked to non-military sectors?                       Dr.T:  Unfortunately, I do not know much about it.  Brainwashing peaked at the time of the Korean War.  A large number of soldiers returned to the US.  The CIA, who had fears, tried to begin the research, then the CIA obtained similar technology.   It is  assumed that this study initially began in the Communist Bloc.

Another epoch was during NASA space science development, and research.   It was in the NASA Sensation Loss Experiment (KANKAKU SHADAN JIKKEN).   Human consciousness, under a certain condition, reaches abnormal states.   Psychologist Hebb studied sensation loss conditioning  in a very dark room.  As a result of his experiment, NASA immediately began screening of the astronauts.  Secret research may have been conducted during this time.   We do not know the details  yet  but the CIA at the time listed their expenses required in the experiment.  Because the CIA could not conduct this type of research overtly in the USA, they conducted the study of abnormality experiments such as consciousness research abroad.   The research was at its peak in the 60's.  The most famous incident was the Canadian brainwash research that used LSD and an electric shock, conducted by Dr. Cameron.  What was conducted there was a replica of what AUM did in Japan.   This research used the CIA budget.

To put it in a nutshell, the research on brainwash and abnormal consciousness  in the USA  was conducted by the CIA and NASA in conjunction with outside research, not to mention the Communist Bloc's.    In military  brainwashing experimented by the US Army; the effect of drugs, electric shock, and sensation losses were used.   At the same time, during the space exploration race period, sensation loss experiments were often carried out, and data on consciousness changes were collected.

Beyond this point, due to the military secret arena, little information is disclosed.   I fathom that in the USA, today they are not engaged in inhumane experiments as conducted in the past.   Even if they try to do it, they cannot.   For the sake of the integrity of the United States of America, I should like to say this.  In essence, the Cold War ended when the Vietnam War ended.  I presume that brainwash experiments must have stopped, which were conducted for military purposes secretly around the time of the Vietnam War.   As aforementioned, the top notch studies on psychological methods have been carried out in academic research  and with the help of university researchers  they can continue.   I myself have engaged in American academia for almost 20 years.   I do have a network of people, but I have never heard  that the US budget is spent on brainwash studies  by the military or the CIA, not even a rumor.

Of course, those brainwash experiments were stopped due to public criticism, and by conscientious scientists who did generally prevent them from happening.   This is where the ethical strength lies in US academia.

The Real Reason One Can Call Nonai Kakumei , The Worst Book
Because I do not have information on the exploration of the military brainwash technique to the public, I cannot comment on it.   As I have said, the technologies developed in the 60's and the 70's were not sophisticated but now we have more advanced ones.  Talking about the danger of technology leaks and exploration,  now, we are concerned.   The story of military conspiracies as you see in the "X File,"  is limited to TV's and yellow journalism (tabloid).   Never say that it never happens, but it's almost impossible.   It is possible to use the previously leaked technology against the public for controlling people's mind.  The AUM proved this.  The AUM's brainwashing was as strong as to push one to death.   A key message  "if you encounter a person who solves this programming, terminate yourself" was planted  in  Kazuko Tozawa's brain.  She was a former member of AUM.   Also for the other regular members, right before their death, a programming called "SHUKO" was used.   It was interpreted that "if one falls into an abnormal state, one dies," in this regard, nothing is mightier than the AUM.

Not to mention the degree of abnormal state, good and bad of programming technology exists.  What if an NLP expert is engaged in brainwashing instead of a Tibetan guru.  Imagining this kind of scenario scares us.  Why are the psychologists, brain functionalists, and cerebrum physiologists engaged in the operation of rewriting images,  this dangerous technology development?   Because they believe that the answers to this problem will eventually help those patients who are suffering from neuro problems, different kinds of stress, and disabled people.

However, I changed my understanding after reading Nonai Kakumei (or Brain Revolution).   Criticized everywhere, the book is a pseudo-science, an occult book.  I am not saying to get rid of those kinds of books.  If the book was written by a country father who is not in charge of societal responsibilities, we can laugh at it.  But the book was written by a practicing MD.  The problem is that such a responsible individual writes that kind of book.    In Part 2  of the book he is recommending  a self-training method.   This method was invented 60 years ago  by a German psychiatric researcher Schultz,  and is still used by some physicians and psychiatrists  as one of many clinical techniques.  It is a self-hypnosis technique.  The method is effective for those patients who suffer from stress causing mental and physical disorders, even though it is an old method, but it works to relax patients.  If used under the supervision of a decent doctor, it works well.

He, however, writes things such as "the right hemisphere of our brain is full of information containing 5 million years of human memories,"  "if you think positive (+HASSO), your cancer will disappear with the help of secretions (yield) of morphine."   He writes occult stuff, not science.   Because some simple readers of his book might have blindly believed the messages in his book, then repeated his self-training method.   Thus there is a high probability that his message will be ingrained in that reader's brain.    The self-training causes abnormal states of consciousness, lowers logical thinking power,  and  increases the anti-hypnosis level.   That is, one becomes extremely vulnerable to hypnosis, in which a strong message is sent inward.  One easily becomes ready to have his or her mind controlled.         Absolutely I agree.  One cannot ignore the book Nonai Kakumei as one of the best sellers.   Thousands of  sufferers who have read his book  visit his urban welfare hospital  or  his MAHOROBA Club  for a cure.  He is absent from his hospital because of his lecture assignments all over the country.    Actual care is ruined at the hospital.  Haruyama is ignoring his responsibility as a physician.  This is a big problem.     Because we have reserved the details about "Brain Revolution" in Bungei Shunju with Dr. Tomabechi's assistance on another occasion, please refer to it.

Our Modern Society: The Product of Mind Control?
When we point out the danger of mind control or criticize it, we always receive rebuttals or meta-criticism such as: "You know, modern society itself is a huge mind control machine.  Do you think there are people today whose minds are not controlled?   Education and receiving information themselves are mind control, are they not?"   In addition to that, some people even quote Brian Wilson Key's Media Sex, "even in this kind of ad,  subliminal methods are used.  This is mind control in capitalism," they assert.    The general public is being brainwashed unconsciously.   This is in fact, what the AUM people said.  (laughs)

Dr. Tomabechi, you said a short while ago, that all humans are vulnerable to mind control.  Also our inside images have possibly been rewritten by  outside control.  Those people seem to be close to the proponent of "all humans are mind controlled."  Is their thinking correct?  If it is incorrect, which part is incorrect?   Besides if those thoughts are consistent, our self-image and recognition of reality become extremely uncertain.  If this is true, how can we maintain our self-image to be responsible for our own thinking and behavior?       Dr.T:  Let me answer the first part and the second separately.    First, regarding subliminal messages, I do believe that the subliminal effect works, although some people don't believe it.   The problem is after that.  Let me define the term.  I disagree in mind control, if one mind controls oneself.

A short while ago, I pointed out, regarding Nonai Kakumei, the self- training, self-hypnosis book, that's what's dangerous is that Dr. Haruyama writes without explaining to people the danger of those methods.  If one knows the danger of those methods  then tries  them on himself or herself, it is okay.   However, self-hypnosis becomes mind control  if the altered consciousness state is used by someone else.   In other words, in precise terms, "mind control" is defined as to unconsciously control the other person's mind against his or her will.

Why is it wrong?   Because we do not know the result or the effect of the action positive or negative.   We do not know whether the other person's action is based on goodwill or not, we cannot tell.  In other words, it is the problem of self-responsibility.   For your own responsibility, you rule, you control, you think, you command and you act it out.   Whether the result is good or bad, it is your responsibility.   If you confuse this aspect, one ends up blaming someone else for the cause of mind control, blaming the society.

As people who live in a highly developed capitalistic society or information age society, we say we are mind controlled?   If you interpret it in that way, it seems to me, they are embedded in a huge language problem.   If a scientist sets up a hypothesis, tests it, then he or she produces, for example, a linear car, an engineering success, we do not say that the scientist is mind controlled.   "The values we share in our modern society are given by someone"  if you say this, all humans live in a modern society that has misfortunes.  We cannot find anyone who made us control our minds.   In our life, there are things that can not be altered "such is life."

How Can We Detect the Danger of Religious Seminars?
Language does it.  You cannot choose your mother tongue.  It is possible to move to another language community, and live using the language spoken there.  You must follow each and every grammar rule.   Can you end up saying this is mind control?   If you use this logic, you are saying nothing.  We must draw the line somewhere.

According to anarchists, education and laws, currently existing values,  that are impinged upon us all can be the source of mind control.   However, the education systems, the laws, etc. are the ones we, the people, chose under democracy.  In principle, whether one calls it mind control or not,  you are a part of the controller who is controlling the society.  That is, you are a Japanese, a member of the controllers, thus your mind is not controlled, because you are controlling yourself at your own responsibility.  What then is the problem?  No one was born in his or her country by choice.   He or she will be raised as a citizen of that country under the environment in which mind control exists.  No matter which country you are born in, there will be no choice to be free from mind control, in this sense.   It all depends where you draw the line.

At any rate, if you have to draw the line, mastering your mother tongue does not mean that you are at the same time receiving mind control.  The mind control problems come after that.

Dr. T:  I agree.  If the impinged values are black boxes,  newly arriving religion and self-improvement seminars, etc. bring an abnormal mental state, brings down your consciousness level; they are no doubt mind controllers.   Traditional religions are well known to everyone, the contents of their teaching  are known to people in history.   It no longer can be called a black box.  They are a little better than the former.    Religions or secret sects of mysterious ideology whose contents of teaching and practice are kept secret  are dangerous because their values (hidden agenda) may not be the same as ours.  The typical example is the AUM.

As long as Self controls Self, it is not mind control.  In modern society, one's responsibility and one's definition exist, and one's dignity exists, thus it is not a mind control society.

HONNE:  Least Amount Of Work, And Get The Sweet Rewards.
Here comes the question: What is then Self?     CH theory explains this.  To condense it, Self is nothing but the centrifugal force of a homeostasis feedback loop.  If you are isolated from an outside world, the self of inside images will not exist.  The inside images do exist in the environment in which the relative outside world exists.   How do you define yourself as "yesterday" and "tomorrow"?   In physics, time and space are defined as the same entity.    We understand that You, one meter away from me, are different than Me, here.  However, we understand that  I, yesterday, am the same as I, today,  even though these two entities are different from each other time-wise.   The source of power to unite our Self  by which we go beyond the barriers of time  is the centrifugal force of the homeostasis feedback loop.   The inside images change with respect to the outside.  In other words, we have the loop that connects to the almighty universe, possibilities, and the feedback lineage.  The loop, I believe, is the proof of Self.

We will have "our inside images and the environment" on which we can rely.    To answer that question "On the basis of what, shall we be cognizant  of our self-image and cognizant of our self-responsibility?"   They are our physical body, and our mind  that is free from anyone.  Our physical body is controlled by the law of physics. We cannot change it.  You meditate and train yourself, then you become a Superman, but you cannot fly in the sky.  However, there is no restriction in the world of spirituality, no matter what world you fly around, no one can bother you.   Who is more free, the priest who can fly around the spiritual world  or the rich man who can fly around the world by a jet plane?   I would say  the former.   We, all humans, possess the feedback loop.   When some sort of ideology is given to you, you can examine or ponder it from a high level of abstraction.

So, in order to keep a sound spirit that is not easily mind controlled, one  must study a lot, and think a lot.   What lacks in the previous question is "How do we exert our effort in what way?"  It is important that you study on your own, and think on your own.  If you don't do so, you end up receiving someone else's  intelligent system.  You may be accepting someone else's intelligent system because you do not want to work hard.   Interviewer:  My question is:  Is everyone trying to work the least, yet get sweet rewards?  You have said the thing that people don't want to hear today.  If you had common sense that there's no UMAI HANASHI, you will not be tricked by stories such as  a) you can be Superman if you practice Yoga--an AUM story,  b) if you apply the Plus HASSO (thinking), morphine secretions  and everything will go well = Nonai Kakumei.    If you debate in this way, the public may say, oh, that's their value judgment, those guys are showing off their intellectual superiority.

Even though one is not good at thinking, one's absolute values do not change.   The proposition "human values are absolute" stays in CH theory.
I talked a lot about this when I deprogrammed the AUM followers' controlled minds.  First, in order to measure the value (of something or someone), you must be objective.   Everything on earth is evaluated objectively.   The ability to assess the human being is not natural for us.   Each one of us  by birth is equipped with a huge spiritual space.   Without spiritual training, by birth  we possess the inherent ability to establish the feedback loop in any level of abstract space.  We cannot measure the possibility of that.  That is why we cannot give a price tag from outside.

Each human being has his or her own absolute value.  One can rely on him or herself only.   If you rely on something wrong, it will be your fault.  At the same time, you are not supposed to murder others, either.   The AUM's Tantra Vajrayana ideology is fundamentally wrong.   Why were humans able to obtain such a large spiritual space?   It is based on a tremendously long history of evolution, that's why.   The evolution processes of all living creatures are contained in a person's existence.   It will be a big sin to kill the space;  it will be a big denial of thousands and millions of years of living being's evolution.  If I say this, even the Guru members who were saying "I will kill a man if the order comes from the Guru" become mystical, and begin to think.   The most important thing is to let them think on their own.

Defendant Joyu & The Sad Conclusion of His Absolute View of (human life's) Value Changed To a Relative Position
-----Dr. Tomabechi has a persuasive skill, which is different than other scholars.  It seems that his skill is attributed to his early debate training.  The art of debate has been unfamiliar to the Japanese.   Debates became popular, in a way, because Joyu appeared on TV in 1995.  The reason the viewers were upset about and felt  uneasy with Joyu was that he spoke with a provincial accent.  Language is merely a tool for negotiations.  Having a simple tool, forget about the holy-something  by which one can tell the truth.   Simply polish up on his or her own language skills.    This kind of cynicism clearly showed up in his manner and language use.  The world beyond language, that is, Joyu's behavior in his mysterious world  seemed as if he were a two-faced person.  Do debates consist of this kind of insult to language?

It is too bad that prejudice against debates is widespread among people in Japan, because of Joyu.  Because he is my KOHAI or junior, I have to take care of him. (laughs)    Debates are games  that two sides, pros and cons, argue over topics that have grounds for discussion, using pure and simple logic.   At the time  I returned to Japan, I could not find this kind of debate.   This brought to my attention  that Japanese diplomats will not be able to debate the diplomats of the world.  I seriously thought so.   So I lectured at universities throughout Japan teaching the act of real debate.  Joyu was one of my students.

The debate is one of the games.  Games have techniques and rules by which people play.  Debates are the same as boxing and wrestling.   It is not a fight.  Boxers are strong when they box in the ring;  but if they fight in the streets, this will be a different story.   Debates are like this, they should be played by the rules. They are good for your brain, but not more than that.   Debates are to demonstrate your skills to the referees, the unbiased third party, how good you are.   The skill is to convince your opponent who has different values from you.   In our actual living situation of human relations, the scene to convince your third neutral party is rare.   Normally, you try to convince the person in front of you.  Or you listen to the other person's opinion, and accept it.  It is important, too.  In this context, debates are useless.  They provoke the other person's ill feeling.

It is difficult to adapt the techniques used in debates in mind control.  It is rare to find people who accept the values explained logically by the debate technique.  Instead, the neuro-linguistic programming that unconsciously appeals to the subject is much more effective.

What sort of danger existed in debates?   People started saying there is "Life" or "Way" in debates.   It was a time when they found meanings in them. In debates you could be either side, pro or con.  Therefore, the debater will develop the relative (objective) reasoning processes.   Developing relative (objective) reasoning processes is not bad for your brain to practice, but if you bring it into your actual life, you will end up relativising (SOTAIKA) your own values, thus you become a capricious person.  For this kind of person, another value judgment arises, he or she may be easily persuaded.  Joyu might be one of them.

The important thing is that there are a lot of conditions we should not use for making things relative.  As I mentioned previously, human lives possess absolute values, and our lives are the ultimate places on which one can rely. Family ties are no doubt important.  What the AUM did was that they changed all values outside their cult, disconnected the member's ties with their family, eventually they destroyed human lives.   Joyu must have debated with himself  to prove the Vajrayana theory.   The end result, he chose Vajrayana.  In other words, he played the roles of  both the debater and the judge.

Today not to mention the odd debaters but also the tendency to SOTAIKA has increased.

I Am a Dangerous Person.
We are living at the peak of the relativism (SOTAI SHUGI) period.  You build an absolute value  and  attempt to follow it,  but it is difficult "to practice what you preach."   It is also difficult to see whether one is putting it in practice or not.   In your earlier remark, Dr. Tomabechi, you said, that "decent scholars do not abuse mind control."   This means that the so called intellectual elite must have occupational ethics of high standards.   This is an illusion and, it bankrupted Japan a long time ago.   Cases that top government officials, lawyers, and MD's  who passed the National Exam, abusing their status, committing crimes are common.  It is the individual's responsibility.   The problem is  for the elite to prove how "decent or ethical" he or she is,  in an era  in which the morals of  bureaucrats and doctors, the so called elite, declined.   It is in poor taste to say that what scientists tell you is okay.  It's a headache.  (laughs)   There are people who say decent scientists are okay, but not Dr. Tomabechi.

When I deprogram others, I will share 3 rules.   First, in advance  I explain the experience of what an abnormal state of being might be.   Second, I receive the subject's consent.   Without consent I never hypnotize the subject.  Third, I will explain to the subject clearly that this is neither occult nor superpower,  I am not a guru.

If those 3 conditions are not met, I will not enter the other's unconscious state  and rewrite his or her inside images.   I respect the subject's will.  In other words, I conduct the deprogramming on the basis of the subject's responsibility.   I will not deprogram people if these conditions are not met.    In the case of  Ms. Tozawa we had discussed this thoroughly in the beginning, then I began our deprogramming sessions, having the subject's consent.  Some people may be apprehensive of what I am doing and that it is debrainwash, but that is an ungrounded criticism.  I deserve to be criticized when I lack those 3 conditions.  If I do debrainwash without fulfilling the conditions, then I should deserve social criticism.

What I want people to know is that technically I use language only.  I do not use tools or drugs;  I do not even touch the subject.  After all, I use language exclusively, protected by the Constitution--freedom of expression.   It proves that both brainwash and debrainwash are technically feasible.   Real problems lie within this area.   Today no laws or regulations regulate mind control using language only.  That is why I am opening this discussion to the public.

In other words, Hideto Tomabechi is certainly a dangerous person equipped with this skill, and the skill cannot be controlled.      Dr. T:  That's right.  Yes, I am a dangerous person.   That is why I repeat these rules to the fullest extent, and release the information.   I tell people to criticize me, without hesitation, if I ignore the rules. (laughs)

Yes, if that happens, I will run you down.

Dr. T:  Please. (laughs)    Now, that's enough for the jokes.   Because I am not a specially talented person, anyone can do what I did.  The person who does not have decent morals, not following the rules I explained, might abuse the skill for his or her own benefit.  We, if necessary, have to legislate measures against this problem to the best of our wisdom.

Today  Dr. Haruyama lectures 20 plus times a month.   On the spot, he lets his participants try the "autonomic (nerve) training" that is mentioned in his book Nonai Kakumei.  This is a typical example of ignoring giving explanations to the subject and not having a subject's consent.   This is very dangerous.  The autonomic (nerve) training is a popular treatment currently used by heart disease physicians.  It is a very effective treatment for prognosis.   This is a technique allowed only between a physician and a patient, with consent ensuring the objectives of the treatment, on the basis of trust for both parties.  This is fundamentally different than brainwash without the knowledge of the subject, for the purpose of the salesperson's demonstration promotion.

As long as we have no laws for anti-subversive activities, we cannot avoid appearances of similar kinds of groups  one after another.   I would like to suggest to the general public  to make sure whether the person fulfills the 3 conditions I mentioned previously.     In summary, if I may repeat, for each and every person you encounter, you can easily create an abnormal consciousness like a transformer differing from normal consciousness.   In that abnormal condition, the person's level of value judgment will be easily switched over to another.   It's attributed to the unstable human mind, in an infinite amount of information space.   Its instability has increased today in our highly advanced information society.

The danger of seminars, New Religions, and the mind business, is that they take advantage of this human instability or vulnerability.  In addition to that, this sophisticated technique is used to turn a profit, and heighten their economic foundation.  Thus, living in modern society is extremely dangerous.

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Hideto Tomabechi
Born in 1959.  Brain-functionalist (NO KINO GAKUSHA). PhD.  Majored in Debate, Communication Dept.  University of Massachusetts.  BA in linguistics, Jochi Daigaku English Dept., Foreign Languages Dept..  While in college, introduced American style debate (NDT) to Japan.
 85-87.  Fulbright research fellow at Yale University.   Computational Science Dept.., served at Human Intelligence Research Center (JINKO CHINO KENKYU JO)  and Cognitive Science Research Center (NINCHI KAGAKU KENKYU JO).   Developed models for cognitive science (NINCHI KAGAKU)  and developmental psychology,  and  on the basis of clinical psychology  mathematical models for human brain information processing.  Later research in Computer Science and Philosophy Dept at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  Major: computational linguistics.  PhD from CMU in 1992.  Topic:  Human Cognition Models for Language Expressions and Computational Methods.   First Japanese PhD in this subject area, four in the USA.  (In 90 & 91, a half year each, became research fellow from CMU to ATR International Denki Tsushin Kiso Gijutsu Research Center).    93-94.  After returning to Japan, assistant professor at Tokushima University, Dept of Intelligence and Information Science.   Established a HENSEI ISHIKI (Abnormal Consciousness) Research Center in the University.   Studied together with American researchers on the subjects of subliminal brain information processing  and deprogramming.  Introduced CH theory.
 95 on,  became the head of an X computer Co.,  internet, networking,  Rinjokan interface, intelligent data processing, simultaneously engaged in the Functional Mapping = brain function mapping, brain data processing studies to discover which part of the brain has  what function, etc.--functional brain science conducted in conjunction with the MGH adjunct to Harvard University Medical Center.   Further research on CH theory based on the unconscious mind.  The research target divided into two parts:   a) "Rinjokan" how this happens in next generation virtual reality systems   and  b) the study on XXX cognition under an unconscious state  and the "Jiga" mechanism research pertaining to mind control.
  Affiliation:  US Ninchi Science Society,  US Jinko Intelligence Gakkai, US Keisan Gengo Gakkai, International  Functional Mapping Assoc.,  International Shinkei Kairomo Gakkai, etc.  Numerous publications.

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