Office Staff


Coleetta McElroy, Director

Carolyn Guel, Associate Director

Lucy Serrato-Lager, Associate Director

Geri Soto, Administrative Analyst

Jessica Randev - Financial Aid Services Representative

Operations and Technical Services Unit

Gloria S. Alva, Technical Coordinator

Annamae Grande, Administrative Support Coordinator

Neelam Keshwani, Technical Lead

Vici Layus, Administrative Support Coordinator

Ha Luu, Analyst/Programmer

Ngoc Nguyen, Administrative Support Coordinator

Ryan Poyet, Administrative Support Coordinator

Gale Shorter, Administrative Support Coordinator

Counselor and Advisor Unit

Jared Blanton, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Anthony Bettencourt, Senior Lead Counselor

Christine Cha, Assistant Director, Scholarship

Karen Eul, Scholarship Advisor

Vacant, Counselor/Verification Coordinator

Carol Garcia, Counselor/Special Programs Coordinator

Thu Houang, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Jenisha McCoy, Scholarship Advisor

Kim Ngo, Advisor/Verification Specialist

Thuy Oka, Counselor/State Programs Coordinator

Philip Smith, Counselor/Direct Loan Coordinator

Dung Tran, Advisor/Verification Specialist

VACANT, Advisor/Verification Specialist

VACANT, Financial Aid Outreach Specialist