FY 19/20 Fee for Service Rates

Effective July 1, 2019

Allocation Methodology

Facilities Development and Operations will review annually in conjunction with the Fiscal budgeting process Fee for Service Allocation rates for All Trades Classifications. The rates will be published annually providing a schedule of rates by Trade. Trades Labor rates will be calculated using an average monthly salary for each Trade Classification. Trades Labor rates will include the actual benefit costs for Trades employees as determined by University's financial system. Trades Labor rates will be calculated on an "Effective" hour's basis (i.e. total working hours less: vacation, average sick time, holidays.


Current rates, effective 7/1/2019:


FY 2019/2020
Trades Classification Fee for Service Hourly Rates
Auto Mechanic 86.22
Carpenter 93.53
Metal Worker 95.53
Custodian 47.57
Electrician 90.86
Grounds worker 63.77
Locksmith 83.76
Mover/Laborer 56.33
Painter 79.29
Plumber 88.08
HVAC 93.32
Control Specialist 107.77
Operating Engineer 91.97
EHS 104.56
Facility Worker 72.69



Previous rates, through 6/30/2019:


FY 2009/2010
Trades Classification Fee for Service Hourly Rates
Auto 67.10
Carpenter 67.52
Metal Worker 77.31
Custodial 34.46
Electricians 75.21
Grounds 43.82
Equip/bus driver 54.86
Lockshop 66.69
Movers 45.19
Painter 66.92
Plumber 76.79
HVAC 76.82
Control Specialist 80.78
Operating Engineer 74.09
Facility Worker 50.77
Warehouse Worker 42.21