Utility Rates

Electricity rates have been lowered due in part to securing favorable natural gas contracts for the campus. Steam and Chilled Water rates remain unchanged. However, water and sewer rate increases are a result of increases from the City of San José which must be passed to the campus customers.

Utility Rates Summary
Commodity 15/16 Rates 16/17 Rates 17/18 Rates
Electricity $0.16/kwh $0.16/kwh $0.169/kwh
Steam $1.34/therm $1.34/therm $1.37/therm
Chilled Water $0.37/ton-hr $0.37/ton-hr $0.40/ton-hr
Potable Water $9.79/CCF $9.79/CCF $13.86/CCF
Recycled Water $1.81/CCF $1.81/CCF $2.99/CCF
Sewer $10.34/CCF $10.34/CCF $12.58/CCF


Methodology of Rate Calculations

The methodology used to calculate utilities rates is briefly defined as: the total cost of producing and distributing utilities services divided by the number of units delivered.

If you have additional questions regarding utilities rates including billing issues please contact FD&O at (408) 924-1950.