Budget and Financial Services

photo: El Paseo de Ceasar Chavez

Account Services

Prepares monthly energy consumption reports, prepares monthly utility allocations invoices, and reconciles receivables for utilities, recycling funds, abatements and capital outlay projects. Processes invoices for construction projects and monitors balances with percent of work completed.

Financial Services

Responsible for maintaining all financial related data and utility information for FD&O service group, including budget, payroll, utility, construction and maintenance costs. Prepares monthly cash flow reports and processes escrow agreements on Public Works Contracts. Provides analysis and projection reports for budget.

Procurement Services

Provides services to Facilities Development and Operations staff. Typical responsibilities include: disburses and reconciles petty cash, blanket orders, credit card purchases, and purchase orders. Prepares direct payment for training and memberships. Maintains and monitors prevailing wage documents for PW contracts and assists with job order contracting program for construction projects. Maintains department equipment inventory.

For more information on forms, travel, training, regulations, and vendor requirements please visit the Procurement and Support Services web site.