Information Services

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TMA Maintenance Management

Supplies comprehensive features for managing all aspects of corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, alterations and renovations. The system automates the entire maintenance process from work identification to work completion. An electronic routing feature ensures every activity is properly managed throughout the process. Numerous reports and graphs allow you to analyze this process and enables full visibility of your organization. Its job costing features allow you to track and analyze labor, material and contractor costs. There are also comprehensive billing capabilities for charging your customers.

TMA Inventory Control

A comprehensive system for managing spare parts, replacement parts, supplies, furniture, and other types of inventory items. The system provides functions for optimizing inventory levels; reserving, locating, issuing, and charging items; performing physical and cycle inventories; costing inventory; and much more. FAMIS Inventory Control is tightly integrated with FAMIS Maintenance Management to enhance the work planning, estimating, kitting and job costing functions.

TMA Key Control

Designed to assist with the automation of all facets of the administration and management of a key control system. Program tracks issue of key copies to individuals, in a by department and by key number. Receipts can be tracked as well and a transaction history of all issues and returns can be provided.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Support is provided by the Administration and Finance Division and provides for a 3-year replacement for all CUP'S in the department. Printer and peripherals equipment is a department costs. LAN is connected to the Campus backbone and LOTUS NOTES is the preferred e-mail for the campus.


A software program in an on-line database that tracks Job Order Contracting (JOC) projects by funding sources and fiscal year. The program can initiate project estimates with trackable modifications and adjustments. It provides an estimation feature, notes for project progress and an overall project cost.