Materials Management and Warehouse Services

photo: El Paseo de Ceasar Chavez

Warehouse Services

The warehouse serves as the "central stores" for the various units within Facilities Management. Inventory consists of various electrical, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, irrigation and custodial supplies needed by the employees of Facilities Management. The warehouse also receives specialty items ordered by Facilities Management for campus projects, and provides services and supplies for all general funded maintenance needs.

Additionally, Warehouse Services is responsible for the emergency supplies; and, in case of a power outage, stocks emergency flashlights and supplies. The warehouse is also well stocked with emergency equipment and supplies for use in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Support Services

Support Services tracks all inventory and orders direct from vendors, receives and distributes merchandise, and provides pick up and delivery services. Purchases supplies/materials/equipment. Disburses and reconciles petty cash within FD&O. Researches parts availability for obsolete equipment and makes arrangements for purchasing and shipping.