FD&O Staff Directory by Departments

Office of Facilities, Development & Operations

Name Position Phone Email
Ferdolage, Traci     Senior Associate Vice President 924-1940 traci.ferdolage@sjsu.edu
Soto, Cynthia Executive Assistant/Operations Specialist 924-1927 cynthia.soto@sjsu.edu

Administrative Services

Name Position Phone Email
Bon, Emily Customer Service Specialist 924-1985 emily.bon@sjsu.edu
Cuesta, Linda Payroll & Customer Service Lead 924-1951 linda.cuesta@sjsu.edu
Dodd, Erica Customer Service Representative 924-1958 erica.calsadillas@sjsu.edu
Dugay, Joy Accounting & Budget Analyst 924-2131 joy.dugay@sjsu.edu
Hewing, Kandiss Human Resources Specialist 924-1956 kandiss.hewing@sjsu.edu 
Nguyen, Mai Contracts and Accounting Specialist 924-1904 tuyetmai.nguyen@sjsu.edu
Ortuno, Danielle Director, Administrative Services 924-1984 danielle.ortuno@sjsu.edu
Trinh, Jean Trust & Special Projects Accountant 924-2246 jean.trinh@sjsu.edu
Truong, Jayme Sr. Accounting & Business
Services Specialist
924-1932 jayme.troung@sjsu.edu
Vacant Project Accountant 924-2133 N/A
Vacant Customer Service Representative 924-2245 N/A
Vacant Sr. Contracts Specialist N/A N/A

Environmental Health & Safety

Name Position Phone Email
Ball-Jones, Alexi Chemical Hygiene Officer 924-1939 alexi.ball-jones@sjsu.edu
Griffith, David Environmental Compliance Specialist 924-2152 david.griffith@sjsu.edu
Nymeyer, Matt Director,
Environmental Health & Safety
924-1969 matt.nymeyer@sjsu.edu
Torralba, Lisa Environmental Compliance Specialist 924-1978 lisa.torralba@sjsu.edu

Facilities Services / Maintenance & Operations

Name Position Phone Email
Bagley, Brian Senior Landscape Manager 924-1929 brian.bagley@sjsu.edu
Brown, Calvin Associate Director,
Custodial and Moving Services
808-2399 calvin.brown@sjsu.edu
Cleary, Ricky Custodial Crew Manager 924-1943 ricky.cleary@sjsu.edu
Cox, Daniel Senior Project Manager 924-1908 daniel.cox@sjsu.edu
Estrada, Ignacio Custodial Crew Manager 924-1945 ignacio.estrada@sjsu.edu
Gridley, Timothy Senior Project Manager 924-6168 timothy.gridley@sjsu.edu
Hancock, Mark Custodial Crew Manager 924-2628 mark.hancock@sjsu.edu
Mullin, Jim Custodial Crew Manager 924-1916 jim.mullin@sjsu.edu
Skyberg, John Senior Director, Facility Services 924-1921 john.skyberg@sjsu.edu
Vasquez, Nathan Associate Director,
Maintenance & Operations
924-8004 nathan.vasquez@sjsu.edu


Planning Design & Construction

Name Position Phone Email
Abdon, Napoleon Drafting Technician 924-7178 napoleon.abdon@sjsu.edu
Chow, Miranda Drafting Technician 924-1949 miranda.chow@sjsu.edu
Fouad, Ashraf Senior Director,
Planning Design & Construction
924-1959 ashraf.fouad@sjsu.edu
Ham, Mike Lead Project Manager 924-1972 mike.ham@sjsu.edu
Hansen, JoAnn Facility Space Planner 924-1935 joann.hansen@sjsu.edu
Hattori, Ayano Senior Project Manager 924-1924 ayano.hattori@sjsu.edu
Loatfi, Morgan Lead Project Manager 924-1926 morgan.loatfi@sjsu.edu
Lutterman, Kent Senior Project Manager 924-7179 kent.lutterman@sjsu.edu
Mirza, Nikki Project Assistant 924-1952 nikki.mirza@sjsu.edu
Tsai, Chia Associate Director of Planning 924-8139 chia.tsai@sjsu.edu
Vacant Associate Director,
Construction Management
924-1934 N/A

Energy, Utilities & Sustainability

Name Position Phone Email
Salvadalena, Adam Associate Director, Energy & Utilities 924-8011 adam.salvadalena@sjsu.edu
Taylor, Jeff Project Manager 924-8008 jeff.taylor@sjsu.edu